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Mar 28, 2008 02:46 PM

Restaurants that will deliver in Culver City

I'm feeling especially lazy today and don't feel like going out to dinner or even stopping by somewhere for take-out. Can somebody recommend some good delivery options in CC (near Venice & Overland) other than Thai or Chinese?

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  1. Ugo for Italian delivers.

    1. brunello trattoria delivers - 6001 washington blvd, 310.280.3856

      decent enough italian (my mother is Sicilian for point of reference) they feed our office in the overtime evenings.

      1. The Hoagies and Wings that took over the former Markie D's spot on Washington a block east of Sepulveda delivers. As is pretty obvious, all types of grilled or cold sub sandwiches and a variety of wings.

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        1. re: nosh

          I was considering Hoagies and Wings, but it seems to have gotten really mixed reviews, any thoughts?

          1. re: spkspk

            I liked the original shack further east midcity on venice, i believe. The sandwiches were good, though their default "philly cheese" included lettuce and tomato. But I loved their attitude -- they were really attentive and eager to please. Maybe you disagree, but I really don't think wings usually travel well. (For me, they need to be blazingly hot in temperature, and reheating in a microwave ruins crispiness.) I miss Markie D's, but I'd give these guys a chance. I know delivery is a big emphasis of H & W's operation so you'd think they'd be efficient.

        2. Thai Boom
          10863 W Venice Blvd
          Los Angeles 90034

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              1. re: wilafur

                Okay. With a humble demeanor I come back and try for redemption. Depending on how far south you live in CC Bossa Nova does delivery into the CC area.


                1. re: Servorg

                  Hahaha... it's all good Servorg, Thai Boom is actually our old standby for Thai delivery. =)

                  How is Bossa Nova? I'm assuming they do deliver in my area since they left a delivery menu on our door step, but their menu is so extensive! What is their specialty?

                  1. re: spkspk

                    I like the grilled meat/seafood plates that come with rice, beans and plantains. The salads and some of the pasta dishes are also pretty good. I wouldn't bother with the pizzas; every time I've gotten one delivered, it's arrived cold.

                    1. re: recovering_vegetarian

                      r. v. has it right. I have also really liked their skewers of chicken and vegetables. The thing I didn't like was one of their grilled fish dishes, (some strong herb on it that really was not to my taste) but the shrimp were great and the salads have been outstanding.

              1. re: BeckyLee

                I love Hu's, and was in there today shortly after they opened for an early lunch. While I ate, I saw them packing up at least three massive orders for delivery and pick-up -- big boxes with over a dozen cartons and bags per. And I was happy to see the managers actually checking the contents against the orders, actually opening some, and checking them off. But alas, the post asked for "other than" Thai or Chinese.

                Does Victor Jr.'s deliver? Really good eggplant parm or meatball subs, Italian salads, and pizzas if they do. Do either of the Taqueria Sanchez's or Gallego's? What about that good sandwich place that I'm blanking on the name across from the AM/PM on the S/W corner of Palms at Motor? Is that Harvey's or something close??