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Mar 28, 2008 02:44 PM

Harvard Square monday night -- need ideas

Howdy there hounds,

We are slowly starting to go out again after having a baby 8 months ago. The first few times we stuck to our tried and true favorites: Ten Tables and Rendez Vous. It's good to know that both are still great places to get a reliably good meal.

We are trying to do something adventurous this monday night and go dancing near Harvard square at 7:30pm, which doesn't give us much time for dinner. Let me know if I am in fantasy land, but I was hoping to find dinner in Harvard square area that would be good, reasonably priced for what it is, and doable in about an hour (6-7:15pm). Is there such a thing? We are open to all suggestions from a burger to innovative French. We are not big fans of Chinese. Other than that, all cuisines are welcome. We are happy to spend up to $100 for 2 pre tax, tip, and drinks.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :)


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  1. Two Harvard Square places that might fit the bill are Z Square and Casablanca. Both have a two separate dining sections--a formal dining area, or a casual room in case you don't have time.

    I loved the ambience downstairs at Z Square: it's tucked away and might provide a good baby-free break. Good cocktails & great food, too--my favorite is the three-cheese orecchiette, or as I like to call it, the rich-man's glorified mac & cheese.

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      I had a horrific experience at Z Square - average-to-below average food and worse service - and at high prices, a place I will wait a long time to try again. But I agree enthusiastically with Casablanca :-)

      I'm a big fan of Bartley's for a burger. I've had decent meals at the Forest Cafe for Mexican (just on the Porter Square side of the law school) and the Temple Bar has been hit or miss next door. Cambridge One for yuppie pizza. Cafe Algiers is nice and offbeat for light food. Harvest if you order carefully would work too...

      1. Am I the only person who likes Redline for dinner in Harvard? It gets nuts around 9 (DJs and stuff), but I can always get a seat at the bar around 6 or 7 and I've had some good food there -- love the steak tip/halloumi salad, mussels, and panini, and the burger is pretty damn good. My bf swears by the Asian burrito. Go ahead -- flame away!