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Mar 28, 2008 02:28 PM

One Market (review)

I was recently in town for a few days with family. They are from the Midwest and don't have the most cultured palates around so our search for good food was very limited in scope. Even with restrictions such as "no Asian," and "no fusion" we were able to secure a table at One Market.

The room is large and decorated nicely. The wine list comes in a large binder and a large number of selections can be had by the glass. The waiter was a little overbearing, but seemed to be able to accommodate any and all requests we had, (we had a birthday in the group and they painted birthday wished on the desert plate.) The Sommelier knew his craft quite well and even approved of our mid-priced wine selection (Lost Canyons, pinot). Between the waiter, sommelier, bus boys, and servers we were a hive of activity which hindered our rambling conversations.

The menu (Contemporary American) was sufficient, although after the waiter had presented us with our specials for the evening, she did return to inform us that they were out of two of the three specials. Among the six of us we had duck, lamb, pork loin roast and sea bass. The lamb and duck were cooked perfectly and the accompanying items were market fresh and paired nicely with both dishes. The fish on the other hand, was severely overcooked, which made it dry and seemed to be crusted in frozen hash browns.

Overall we had a very pleasant experience at One Market and would recommend it for business lunches and dinners as well as for those who have limited scope of the epicurean world.

Appitizers are $12-18
Entree's are $25-35

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  1. The last time I ate @ 1 Mkt they had a black cod special. I don't know if the chefs can't cook fish, but the same thing occurred. Way overdone and dried out which voided it of any resemblance to fish.

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      drinks and apps at the bar are ok.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I wouldn't recommend One Market when there is so many other good restaurants around. Last time I went, service was uneven, and the hostess and host (?) secretly whispered right in front of us while we were standing there waiting to see whether they take us to our reserved table. The food was forgettable and overpriced for the quality, I'm really really wondering why they got their star.

        1. Thanks for the report. Don't know why I never think of this place when the request is for picky eaters.

          One Market Restaurant
          1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105