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Mar 28, 2008 02:23 PM

Fontana Famous Pizza & Gyro (Bayside)

Fontana Famous Pizza & Gyro located on Northern Blvd. and Francis Lewis Blvd. has been a neighborhood staple since i'm a child. We often order take out from this place. The place is packed 7 days a week. The food here is good the prices can't be beat and I find the portions to be favorful. The calamri as far as take out goes is good. The chicken and regular soulvaki tastes great and is a great price. This place is good to eat in and excellent to take. I always check the order before I leave because it is so busy there can be mistakes. Also take my advice I program their number in my cell phone and call my order in before I go so it is ready. The only thing these guys need to do start delivery but I have a hunch business is so good they don't have too. Also the spinich pie is great!!!

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  1. after all these years, still my favorite gyro joint in the ny metro area.

    1. The spinach pie is not only great, but for $4 the portions are ginormous!

      1. With all due respect if this was 1988 you might have a point. Fontana as well as Romano have been downhill for a long time. Gyro Corner passed them by years ago when they fisrt opened and Gyro World down Northern is miles ahead of them. Trust me Im a gyro fanatic. Even In Astoria its hard to find an authentic gyro spot that's not using Kronos and inferior ingredients. Two other rec's in your area of Bayside are Kati Allo and the new spot on Bell that just opened. If your still using Fontana you need to get with the times.

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          Well I have ordered food from Gyro Corner as well as Gyro World. I will agree the food tastes great from Gyro World HOWEVER the portions are tiny and the prices are inflated. As for Gyro Corner we have ordered from there for lunch numerous times and EVERYONE has some sort of complaint so we don't order from them any more. As far as Kati Allo the first was the last the food was disgusting all around!!!!!!!!!

          1. re: Moiselover

            I must 1,000% agree with fcara. Avli on Bell, Kati Allo on Francis Lewis and Gyro WOrld on Northern are WAY better than Fontana. They might be pricier and their portions might be smaller, but I don't mind one bit. I'd rather have a meal that is edible and manageable than a huge, cheap portion of something sub-par. BUT I do have to say that I love Fontana's Pizza. Reminds me just a tiny bit of the pizza I eat when in Greece... Not as good, but it suits the purpose for when I don't feel like having a regular Italian slice.

            1. re: GreekGddss

              How come no one's talking about Nikita's on Utopia?
              Their chicken doner is above average. Great moussaka also.

              1. re: johnk

                You're right! I always forget that place is there b/c I never drive North on Utopia! How is it? How does it compare to Kati Allo, Avli, etc.? Are their souvlakia cooked to order or cooked and then preheated like Fontana's?

                1. re: GreekGddss

                  Never had the souvlakia. Very nice people. I think they came from Gyro Corner.
                  Love their Chicken Doner !!
                  Happy Easter!

            2. re: Moiselover

              I am not a Bayside person and don't know most of the places on this thread. But, I have been to Gyro World several times. Without having been to these other places for comparison, I can't say how authentic it is. But, the people I have gone with (not always the same ones) have always enjoyed it. Their portions are generous and they are definitely not over-priced.

          2. Last time my husband ventured into Fontana and got a gyro, it was completely inedible, and that was 4 years ago, he swore the place off. Kati Alo has good spinach pie, but pricier than other places. For really great spinach mint triangles and very good spinach pie on Fri and Sat's, go to Ararat on service road of LIE before Springfield blvd, --they also have killer coconut and date cookies,,,,Lebanese French I believe...and they make all their own breads, little spot.

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            1. re: janie

              Being vegetarian, spinach pie is the main event when I go out for Greek, but thanks for the rec on Ararat (assuming you mean the Armenian joint on Horace Harding?) - I'll definitely give it a try!

              1. re: PlomeekSoup

                I know Janie will post with more details but Ararat is on the south side and the Armenian restaurant and market is called Sevan and is on the north side of the LIE. Sevan also does nice and tasty but small spinach pies.

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  thanks Stuart, exactly what I was going to say..also, if you're a spinach pie fan, try the one at Chicken Kebab on Willis Ave in Roslyn, it's very good, and their greek salad is excellent. They are Turkish actually, not Greek----also, another decent spinach pie is at Artopolis (it's more of a spinach pastry round styled, but good and light), and also at Titan, get the triangular one not the square ones, or also the round pastry like ones, both of them in Astoria. I happen to claim my own as the best spinach pie, but it's very laborious to make, so often I buy these to have around because we eat it all the time. Also, the one that Corfu makes in Forest Hills on Austin street isn't bad, and you could get it on their $6 lunch special however it's a pretty small piece and not a really great value. Oh Stuart, I forgot to ask you, did you ever make it to Anthony's coal oven? wanted to know your opinion--

                  1. re: janie

                    I've been meaning to get to Corfu for the lunch special (they were sold out of spinach pie the last time I went for dinner - but their pikilia was excellent - they subbed the taramosalata for hummus for us).

                    And thanks for all the spinach pie recs! I feel like I struck spanakopita-gold!

            2. I agree this place has gone way down hill. I was a regular from about 94 up until about year ago when I found a “made in Pakistan” clothing label mixed in with my rice. That was the final straw for me.

              It would also drive me nuts- no matter how crowded the place was- the youngish guy that’s usually at the counter would rather hold conversations instead of taking orders or packing up orders. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood there either waiting to order, or looking at my food getting cold on the counter- while this guy BS’s.

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              1. re: anicon

                went to kati allo last night and was impressed. first time there. i had gyro and 3yo son had gyro strips and wife had greek salad. we also had a eggplant dip app. very nice, love thier pita, about 1/2 as thick as a kronos pita and really tasty grilled up. thanks to all on this board for pointing this place out. i live nearby and would always have fontanas but i really enjoyed the light meal we had

                1. re: chefjellynow

                  Avli in my estimation is the best of the lot east of Astoria. The service is great, the staff is friendly and fast, portion size is large and food is delicious. If you go on you can buy a $25 gift certificate for $10 to use Sun through Thurs. I don't like a dirty greasy looking restaurant; Avli is immaculate.

                  1. re: debster

                    Clean like Gulio Ceasare on Jerico tpk.

                2. re: anicon

                  Eeew!! Where was this (the clothing label thing)? Fontana?