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Mar 28, 2008 01:57 PM

Maoz now open on 8th Street

I walked by earlier - between Broadway/University. Another addition to chain row! I've yet to try. Looks like they have 2 longish picnic type tables inside.

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  1. I just had lunch there (walked in the rain with the open falafel :) ) I do not recommend getting the eggplant addition - it's a little oily. I really love the toppings - does anyone know what the red items are? The garlic sauce is amazingly good :)

    1. Had lunch there on Saturday. Food was very good and on par with the original location. Service was just so-so. They seem to be working out the kinks because food came out slowly and sporadically, drinks not included, etc. And they had people lining up to order (and waiting for their food) right in front of the topping area. Would recommend the one on Union Square East until the bugs get worked out.

      1. I just came back from lunch at the new Maoz. (I had gone to one in Amsterdam about 9 years ago, and remembered wishing they would come to NYC). I ordered the falafel sandwich with hummus. Everything was super fresh, the bread, the falafels were very light, but still had a good crunch on the outside. It was about 11:30 when I got there and the service was fine. Not too busy yet. The red stuff are pickled eggplants. The price was pretty steep for a falafel sandwich, it came to almost $7.00. Looking at the menu, I see I was over charged by about $1.00. The sandwich was huge. I could opt for a 1/2 next time. but while it was very good, for value I like Mamoun's best for a $3.00 sandwich. It's, good but it's a different style of falafel. I especially like the hot sauce at Mamouns, which is like harrisa.