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Mar 28, 2008 01:47 PM

Chopped Liver [moved from Kosher board]

Does anyone have an extra-special, knock-'em-dead recipe. I haven't served it at our seder for years and want to re-introduce it. Thanks.

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  1. Check out this previous thread with recipe:

    I still think the 2nd Avenue Deli recipe makes the best chopped liver.

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    1. re: rockycat

      Here is my recipe- A Lower Fat Version

      Broiled Chicken livers (the more burnt the better)
      Hard boiled eggs (double the ratio of whites to yolks)
      Onions chopped and cooked in cooking spray until caramelized. I like vidalia or texas sweets as they are sweeter
      Mayo (during the year I use Hellman's light)
      Salt and pepper

      In food processer, process, eggs, onions, mayo, salt and pepper until a chunky paste

      Process Chicken livers separately on pulse (we like ours chunky). You can also process it to a smoother consistency.

      Add egg mixture to liver mixture and process for a few seconds.

      1. re: rockycat

        Thank you all. The problem with the 2nd Ave. deli recipe is that it's made with corn oil, which doesn't work for Pesach.

        Has anyone tried the Ina Garten recipe? Thanks.

        1. re: pkr914

          So you can substitute KP oil for the corn oil. It won't change the flavor. Or just use more schmaltz. What's a few more artery-clogging calories on Pesach?

          1. re: pkr914

            You can use any kind of cooking oil. Refined corn oil from the supermarket has little taste of its own and likely contributes nothing to the finished dish. But why not go with real schmaltz?

            1. re: embee

              probably healthier to use olive or safflower oil

        2. Easy and delicious buy 2 frozen international chopped liver add 5 hard boiled eggs and 2 fried onions. My kids can't get enough of it

          1. Mine is similar to sherry f's, but with no mayo. Saute 1 lb of chicken livers in whatever oil, You want them crispy, but still pink inside. Hardboil 2 eggs. Fry up, on high heat, one med/large onion, sliced, until very dark brown and caramelized. Quarter 1 med. onion. Pulse all together in food processor until chunky/smooth. Add s & p. I find that if the livers are not overcooked, you needn't add any schmaltz or mayo(?).

            1. The last time I did Weight Watcher's, I developed a recipe for chopped liver... Broiled chicken liver, hard boiled egg, and sauteed onions, all pulsed in the food processor, and salted a bit. Basically the main change was to eliminate fat, and rather than frying the onions, cook them in chicken broth. I tried to convince my self and my family that it was good. It was awful.

              Onions in chicken broth are fine in other recipes I do, barley, kasha with or w/out varnishkes, but not with the liver.

              Even though I'm successfully back on track with WW, I'm back to the old artery clogging classic.

              First I render my own chicken fat. Nothing else compares.

              (Sorry for the lack of proportions. I do this to taste.) Hard boil ~9 eggs. Broil ~1 lb chicken livers (I buy a lb & freeze whatever comes out of the chickens I cook for a few weeks before Passover). Saute a sliced large onion or 2 in home-made shmaltz. Pulse a little of everything in the food processor - I don't always use all the eggs or onions. Salt to taste. Add more shmaltz to taste.

              The only person who complains is me, since I know what's in it, and I know I shouldn't be eating it. Everyone else who eats liver loves it!