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Mar 28, 2008 01:18 PM

Favorite Caterer?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a caterer? It is for a cocktail party- about 50 people- held in manhattan beach. I am open to anyone, private or corporate & any style of food as long as it's terrific.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm not sure he does parties as big as 50 regularly or events that are more cocktail style but I had a great experience with Garrett Gourmet. My fiance surprised me with a roof top proposal and private dinner by this caterer.

      Our menu: Cambodian rice wraps, pan seared blackened scallops, crab cakes, mascovi roast duck with a merlot/port/chambord reduction, cheese late, and german crepes that he used a special ice wine we had been saving to make the whipped cream. The crab cakes were probably the best I've ever had- panko crusted and pan seared- chock full of crab meat and a mixture of asparagus, bell peppers, scallion, onion, carrot, celery, garlic and spices. The Roast duck was perfectly cooked and the sauce was delicate and amazing.

      He basically comes to your location and uses the available kitchen if possible. The food was delicious, well presented, and reasonably priced. All in all, a great experience. We are using him again to cater our wedding reception (40 people) in June.

      1. I've used Auntie Em's for a number of events....and gone to other parties they've catered.
        I've always found the food to be excellent, and well priced. I really feel like they're willing to work with you to achieve what you want...and they do a variety of different menus.

        1. I've attended events where Joe's in Venice has catered. The food was always good.