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Mar 28, 2008 01:15 PM

BBQ Rust

Anyone have any tips or tricks for removing rust from the grill of a BBQ? Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: afoodyear

      Oven cleaner's always worked for me. How much rust are you talking about though?

      1. re: wildfire

        Oven cleaner does a great job but I try to stay away from the obvious toxins. Simple green is by no means inert, but does a fine job on grease as well as rust and has 1/2 the toxins as oven cleaner.You will still have to burn off any remaining residue by cranking up the grill, but I feel a little more assured that after,I won't be grilling with a oven cleaner aftertaste.

    2. Soak grill with Simple Green, and then scour with steel wool, wash off with lots of water, dry and then apply a coating of canola oil to prevent rust.

      1. you may think I am crazy but what works for me is Coca-Cola. Buy a few two litre bottles and soak whatever it is in the soda, in an hour or two, RUST IS GONE !!!

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        1. re: Jimbosox04

          I guess it's the same as putting a tooth in a glass of cola and it completely dissolving in a couple days. Or is that just a old wives tale?

          1. re: currymouth

            Don't think I am gonna experiment that one, I need all the ones I have left. But really I have done this before with some old wrenches I bought at a flea market, put them in an old mop bucket and after a few hours and a little steel wool, like new.

        2. I use Bar Keeper's Friend for all rust problems... It's abrasive, so don't use a scrubber, but a cloth will be sufficient, as oxalic acid is a really effective rust remover. And it's cheap, less than $3 at WalMart.

          Also, oil it after use to prevent future rust

          1. I always used a wire brush followed by a good wiping with a wet rag, no residue or toxins and always worked fine.