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Mar 28, 2008 01:00 PM

Lunch places near Back Bay?

I'm travelling to a Conference next week at the Westin Copley Plaza. Setting aside the chains and usual deli type establishments, do you have any recommendations of where to go for a lunch hour? Pasta, salad, ethnic meals are all in my usual group of lunch plans.

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  1. I suggest Cafe Jaffa, a middle eastern restaurant on Gloucester street. If you are dining with another person the "feast for two" is delicious and a great bargain. This is one of my favorite little places in the Back Bay.

    1. Abe & Louie's on Boylston St

      1. Parish Cafe on Boylston - a changing variety of gourmet sandwiches designed by chefs around the city.

        1. The top asian picks are Bangkok Blue, Chili Duck and Island Hopper.

          1. Kashmir (at the corner of Newbury and Gloucester) has a decent Indian buffet.