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Mar 28, 2008 12:56 PM

Waterfront Crabhouse in LIC

I went to the Crabhouse last month for my Birthday! It was a wednesday night and the place was pretty dead. I have eaten here about 4 or 5 times in the past 3 years and the first few times I enjoyed it. This last time I decided to get a good look at the place as I have decided that I am probably never going back. The place might look nostalgic to some but upon giving this place a real once over since it was dead I decided it was just dirty, dusty and needs a make over. The first few times I went this place was PACKED the last few times it was empty. The highlight is when a cat suddenly appeared by our table and a waitor shoed him into the coat closet. Now for the meal. I had a mixed seafood and pasta in fra diavlo sauce as did my boyfriend it was okay nothing to write home about. The waiter seemed hardly interested in coming over to the table but rather liked talking to the other people that worked there. We just looked at each other and said we're never coming here again. So basically this place is old, drab, and the food a tad overpriced for so so cooking.

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  1. i wanted to post an unfortunate experience that my sig other and his 2 friends had at this restaurant over the weekend.


    the behavior of one particularly employee, the OWNER, completely left a bad taste in their mouth and they are furious. we are telling all of our friends and will continue to spread the word to avoid this restaurant.

    i apologize for being the messenger, as none of them are members of any food community online.

    my sig other and his 2 friends went to the waterfront crabhouse after a round of golf over a weekend. they arrived around 6PM, to a fairly empty restaurant (about 30% occupied). they asked the hostess, who happened to be the owner, for a table. they were told to wait to be seated. they moved to the side, as two other parties walked in after them.

    the party immediately after them, 4 older folks, asked for a table. they were also asked to step to the side to wait for a table. this group, that came in AFTER them, were seated first. strange, but they let it slide. then, the second group, a family of 4, who had stated they had a reservation, were also immediately seated.

    they continued waiting for another 5 minutes and were still not seated. his 2 friends went back to the owner and asked what the wait was for, as there were plenty of seats and the 2 parties after them were already seated. she then rudely asked the 2 friends to step away and keep waiting for a table on the side. they couldn't understand why there was a wait at all, with there being plenty of tables opened.

    after waiting yet another 5 minutes or so, they were finally seated. they were not seated in the main area alongside every other diner in the restaurant, but were seated in a side room. ALONE.

    at this point, they could've left, but they were exhausted after their golf match and just wanted to sit down and eat.

    they stated that the waiters and bus boys provided much better service and had absolutely no problem with them. they had then asked who the hostess was and wanted to complain to management about her. it turned out she was the owner, so they did not have a place to air their grievances.

    i am stumped. they were not dressed inappropriately (all wore polo shirts, shorts/pants, shoes). none of them drank any alcohol at all that day (the 2 friends do not drink, period). they are the friendliest bunch, just your average young professionals.

    if anyone else knows where i can talk to someone about this incident, i would appreciate it. in the meantime, i will never visit this establishment, and neither will anyone i know.

    thank you.

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      Food goes from bad to passable, service is surly as ever, the hats on the ceiling are filthy, but the place has been there forever and the peanuts are free. I don't think anything has changed. Our company party is held there for 30 years now and I still go for a beer now and then. I don't think they ever had a rep for serving good food.