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Mar 28, 2008 12:45 PM

Elmhurst--Dearborn, MI

Does anyone else love this place as much as my husband and I do?
I'm curious to know what others like or dislike about it. It's our sort of go-to place for casual American fare: good sandwiches, above average French onion soup, good beef, chicken, and seafood dishes. My husband, having grown up going there, tells me the pizza is wonderful, but I haven't tried it. Good beers on draft, cozy ambience. Priced competitively but, in my opinion, modestly for what you get.

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  1. This is the place on Outer Drive, right? I have been there and I know people who go there regularly. I've only been there once, but if I still lived in Dbn it seems like the kind of place I'd like to make a regular stop. Good non-pretentious neighborhood place.

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      Yes, Outer Drive just west of Pelham.
      I like the way you summed it: non-pretentious neighborhood place.
      As a quick aside, it's not a dive-bar, but more of a tavern, if that sways anyone's opinion on making a virgin voyage.

      Our last trip there was $40 +tip, and we had:
      Prime rib with salad, potato, cup of soup
      Fried clam dinner with salad
      Crock of French onion soup
      Appetizer of mushroom caps stuffed with crab, bacon, and covered in a sort of bearnaise that can only be described as decadent (don't tell your doctor you ate this); it is probably the best "appetizer" I've ever eaten, and I put that in quotes because it's a meal by itself
      Two pints of beer
      One iced tea