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ISO Fresh Mozzarella

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looking for a place to buy fresh mozzarella mainly for its low sodium content.I live in the west end (junction) , but i am downtown daily...any suggestions? thx.

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  1. Try International Cheese on Hirons in your 'hood.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Here's an interesting article from the Globe on buffalo mozzarella and high levels of toxins.


      1. re: grandgourmand

        A small bank loan was all that stood between me and those tennis ball- sized imported blobs in the whey-filled bladders. Several Canadian mozza makers may still make 'em, too--an experiment that apparently wasn't overly successful. International makes on the premises.

        1. re: Kagemusha

          Nice description. I have a similar predicament, and would have devoured those blobs much more often if they were more affordable.

          Does International use buffalo milk?

          1. re: tarteaucitron

            Sure, Alberta grass-fed First Nations-milked buffalo...sorry, no. International is just screamingly fresh--good enough for me. Their ricotta is often warm from the plant, too.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              In that case I'll sure venture there sometime to check out their goods. Thanks!

          2. re: Kagemusha

            I didn't realize it was from here in TO, I tried a few packaged options at Fiesta Farms and found that brand to be my go-to around here...nothing like the stainless steel bowls full sitting on the counter at Brooklyn deli's but passable...

            1. re: Recyclor

              TO ain't Brooklyn. Still, I'll take TO anyday.

      2. Grande Cheese will have fresh mozzarella. Try the store on Orfus Rd. (off Dufferin).