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Mar 28, 2008 12:29 PM

Highly recommend the "Eat This Not That" book

What a wealth of information for anyone concerned about what they eat. It has made me swear off ribeye steaks, and mayo, which are 2 things I dearly love. Remember that "20 worst food choices" list awhile back? That is from this book, but it goes so much further than just that. You really need to look at this book.

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  1. I heartily agree. I bought this to keep around as a reference to use if I anticipated going to a food place, but my wife got it and read it cover to cover the first night we had it. I use it a couple of times a week.

    1. Thanks, I will definitely avoid this one... I like mayo and steak too much!

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      1. re: julesrules

        Not all steak, just ribeyes. Filet mignon and prime rib are on the better for you list. I may try the low fat mayo, because I'm not sure I can really live without mayo!

        1. re: danhole

          Low fat mayo is awful. Try less 'full on' mayo.

          What's wrong with ribeyes?

          What's wrong with anything in moderation?

            1. re: dolores

              Yup - a very small amount of regular mayo tastes better than 3X much low fat. And then there's the fact that North Americans have only grown fatter since the introduction of low fat products.

            2. re: danhole

              Ribeye steaks are not good for you, but prime rib is better? Since they're the same piece of meat, just different sized, the author better rethink that one.

              1. re: Sharuf

                No, I'm bad. I took something out of context. As far as Outback Steakhouse goes, you are better off with the prime rib vs. the strip steak smothered in mushrooms. Sorry about that. Although ribeyes are the worst (and tastiest) because the have so much fat marbled throughout the cut. I'm sure that prime rib is a close second.

            3. re: julesrules

              I agree, any book, or person for that matter who tells me what I "should be eating" instantly gets tuned out.

              Ill eat a rare prime ribeye tonight just for the author.

            4. Anything that might get me not to eat mayonnaise and rib eyes is not welcome in my home. Esp. mayonnaise.

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              1. re: mhoffman

                Once you hit a point in your life where the cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure aren't as good as they should be, well, you start being interested in the real fat content of things. I'm not obsessed, just concerned.

              2. NYTimes had a write-up about this a few days ago, in Tara Parker Pope's Well. It seems rather commonsensical, based on the comments; it is, after all, put out by the Men's Health editor, not exactly chowish Highbrow. Haven't looked at it myself (i'm quite well versed in knowing what's okay and what's not). Danhole, does the author explain why Jelly Belly beans are better than marshmallow Peeps? They both seem like crap to me.

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                1. re: nofunlatte

                  It isn't all just common sense. The author breaks down menu choices to how many miles you would have to run to work it off, or stairs to climb, etc. Just some interesting tidbits. And no, it isn't "chowish highbrow" when it come to the restaurants he is comparing. 45% of them are not in our part of the country, and out of the rest I probably don't eat in many of them anyway. But there is a lot of nutritional information that I did not know. I read labels, and have for years, but I don't count calories, and I an not a dietician or a nutritionist, so some of this was news to me. Such as, did you know that Oscar Meyer turkey bacon has the same amount of fat and calories as the regular, but has a higher sodium content? Or that milk is better at rehydrating your body after a workout than sports drinks?

                  As far as the jelly beans vs the peeps, he compared Jelly Belly beans to peeps and the peeps had more sugar. It was not an endorsement, just a comparison of Easter candies.

                  The whole point of the book is that if you know what you are eating and make the right choices you can drop some weight without going on a diet. But there is more to it than that. You should at least browse through it, especially the back section.

                2. It's a super fun book to read....all the pictures are great...just don't look at this book if your hungary!

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                  1. re: nemis

                    I am right there with you, my wife and I bought it at it and use it a lot...I have lost 25 lbs so far....down to highest was 290....but I admit, its not just using the book...its eating better....

                    1. re: ccognac

                      Thanks for some kind words here. I think it is very interesting and can't imagine the ill will that it has been received with. I guess you have to read it to get it. And you're right, it isn't the book, it's just about eating better.