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Mar 28, 2008 12:08 PM

Bashan for Dinner...Cocktails Nearby?

Hi All:

Headed out to Bashan on Sunday to meet some friends for dinner. Not familiar with the area other than La Cabinita. We would love to meet up for a cocktail first somewhere nearby that shakes a mean Martini. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Rosso Wine Shop is nearby, walking distance from Bashan and has wine tastings. Further up the street, opposite side is New Moon Cafe that has bar. Up the street, to your left is Honolulu, Montrose, with lots of establishments, stores.

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      Other than New Moon Cafe, most of the other full liquor licenses in the 91020 Montrose zip code are Mexican restaurants, but there is the Ocean View Bar & Grill at 3826 Ocean View Blvd., but that is about all.

    2. the sun palace is on verdugo about 2-3 blocks north of bashan's on the east side of the street. great full bar and serious mai tai's. also, if you want to drive an additional 5 minutes to foothill blvd in la canada, there is a taylor's steak house with an excellent full bar. serious martini's and similar drinks. it is just east of angelus crest - a new shopping center is being built around it right now, so you have to park on the street.

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        Thanks All...I'm thinking more along the Taylor's line. Will report back on the Martini. Serendipitous to hear about New Moon Cafe. I love their downtown restaurant, and didn't know they had one here. Great, fresh versions of American Chinese Food. And they are happy to have you there...and tell you so. Definitely Recommended.