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Mar 28, 2008 12:07 PM

Downtown/Tribeca low key tonight


I want to go out tonight in the downtown/tribeca area for a low key dinner. It'll be two of us. Last month I went to Max's in Tribeca, which I enjoyed, to give you an idea of want I want to do. Cousine doesn't matter but I want to keep the check under $80 (excluding drinks and tip). Thanks for your help!

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  1. Gigino Trattoria on Greenwich has similar ambience (slightly more upscale) and price is very reasonable. They also have a 3 course prix fixe of $28 for dinner. Not earth-shattering cuisine, but solid and comfy.

    Salaam Bombay is a great Indian restaurant on the same street. Great fresh made naan and wide selection of indian cuisine.

    Blaue Gans and Landmarc are standard fares in Tribeca, though they might not be "low key" on friday night.

    1. petite abeille in tribeca is pretty chill. so is walkers.

      1. Blaue Gans or Upstairs

        Petite Abeille is good too, but in a lower league than the others.

        1. I am a big fan of Mia House. Its low key. Get the crispy shrimp and pork rolls.

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            I know I'm past your "tonight" deadline, but for future Chowhounders, my husband and I ate at Dennis Foy last night and were surprised to really enjoy ourselves. The room is lovely and was very quiet (maybe 1/4 of the tables were full). The memorable things we had were a fois gras torchon with candied kumquots (lord, how do you spell that word!) and a citrusy salad; a side of mac and cheese (incredibly cheesey); and a veal porterhouse with roasted potatoes. If you didn't have the porterhouse (which was $65, but was big enough to share with a side of mac), you could come in under $80 w/o tip/drinks. Oh, and the bloody marys are incredible!