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Mar 28, 2008 12:04 PM


Does anyone know of a good brunch/lunch place in & around Norfolk, Virginia Beach area.?

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  1. I just had a wonderful breakfast for lunch at Doc Taylor's at the beach (23rd St). We tried granola pancakes, grilled parmesan tomatoes, a potato cake with a poached egg on top, and the fabulous Ray Ray sandwich.

    In Norfolk, D'Egg Diner is modern attempt at a classic diner.

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      While I love Doc's, it is a victim of its own success. With summer coming, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get in to, once all of the tourists start arriving. Better choice is Citrus, on W. Great Neck Road (parallels Great Neck, just south of Shore Drive). Actually more creative fare than Doc's, you can look at the menu here:

      1. re: 23451bum

        Can't understand how people can even mention this restaurant on Chow?!
        We had absolutly terreble experience there. This is absolutly average to awefull american fare with high price tag to it. We just returned back from VB and thanks to misleading reviews from this site wasted a lot of money on restaurants like Citrus, Fire and Wine, Mayflower ect.
        a) Citrus: we odered BBG pork sandwich which camewith 2 not full Tbsps of average coleslaw and that's IT, second order was their "signiture dish" pancakes which was 2 eggs, 2 sausages and 2 dry small pancakes on the top of which you'd find few slices of banana and few pieces of caned crashed pineapple (discribed in the menu as glazed with orange glaze and some other fruits). Well if that's what they mean by glazing then for us it was the first and the last time there.
        b) Fre and Wine: great ambiance, poor food (exept of entrees nothing tasted good), slow service, expensive.
        c) Mayflower cafe: no ambiance, tasteless food, slow unattentive service (unless you are there friends, or might be live in that building and a regular customer), the only + it's unexpencive.
        The good choices for us were:
        Cobult Grill, Lucky Star - fine dining, expencive, but worth it.
        Croc's, Veitnam Garden, Pelon's Baja Grill - great inexpensive food and good service.

        1. re: pyatachok

          well, I eat at Citrus at least twice a month -- and never have had your experience. Everyone has a bad day, so I'll take my 20+ visits to your one as a more reliable sampling. Next time, try the create you own omelette and have a mango mimosa. I would never order any of the pancake dishes at 8.99 over the CYO omelette at 5.50. Also, I personally wouldn't expect good BBQ in a place that obviously doesn't have a smoker on premises. Next time, try the burger, reuben, or tuna sandwich for lunch -- they all come with a selection of sides.

          There is a variety of opinions among the locals IRT Fire and Vine -- not one of my faves, but there are some that love it. I also don't think anyone here steered you to the Mayflower cafe.

    2. I like Baker's Crust on 21st Street in Norfolk - they have great crepes. And there are lots of good lunch places on Colley Avenue in Ghent, Norfolk - Azar's (Middle Eastern, with a small market inside), San Antonio Sam's (Tex Mex), No Frill Grill (American; on Spotswood near Colley) and Kelly's (American). Near Colonial and 20th Street is Cogan's - great pizza, large beer selection, also good sandwiches, pastas and salads.