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Mar 28, 2008 11:55 AM

Lawrenceville, GA (or nearby) suggestions?

We'll be northeast of Atlanta next weekend and would like suggestions on where to eat. We enjoy all ethnic and regional cuisines and are fond of seafood (not steaks). Our preference would be for interesting and high quality food. Anywhere within a 15-20 mile radius would be fine. Not necessarily looking for a "high end" formal spot.


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  1. Hi from Lawrenceville :)

    Try Encuentro Colombiano. As the name suggests, it is Colombian. The only downside is that they like to close early. If you do a search, many sites misspell it as Encuento.

    Other than that, we like Thai Lotus on Sugarloaf. Also there's a few Caribbean places on Hurricane Shoals. On Old Norcross an Indian place called Aroma Delight has good food but service can vary. Topolino I think is Bosnian, but since they allow smoking we haven't been even once in five years, so not sure. Then there's a few places on Pleasant Hill, one of them is Atlantic Seafood, which serves Colombian food and seafood.

    Beyond Lawrenceville, sky is the limit. In Norcross our top preference is Gauchos Grill at 5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd. They have a second location on Pleasant Hill, but the original one is worth the drive. It's Argentinean and Uruguayan. Try parilla para uno if you go there (parilla para dos is far too much for two people) - the most unvegetarian plate ever made (no seafood though).

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      I second the thai lotus. Always have had excellent food and friendly service there

    2. Thank you so much for asking...We just found out we are relocating to Lawrenceville so I am very interested to see what other suggestions you get. Good luck in your travels.

      1. I also recommend Aroma Delight Indian restaurant. We get take out from there all the time and it is delicious authentic Indian. their tandoori dishes are really good, we love the platter or the Chicken Makhani. Much better than some of the Indian restaurants downtown. I grew up in the UK and have been to New Delhi so didn't grow up on americanized Indian.

        I also agree on Thai Lotus!

        For fantastic Mediterranean food (Italian / greek) try Sugo over on Medlock Bridge. It is a family run establishment and they also have locations in Roswell. Fantastic food! They are a more upscale (but still very reasonably priced) establishment and have a webpage. I believe.

        1. In downtown Lawrenceville, Dominick's at 197 W Crogan St. serves simple Italian food in HUGE portions. and really great taste. Good balanced red sauces and gigantic menu. The half portions are more than I can eat in a sitting, the full portions serve 3 or 4 people. Very friendly atmosphere.and decent prices for the quality and quality of their food
          Next door the Lil' River Grill has steaks and seafood (try their lobster ravioli) well made and a few more imaginative offerings. Prices are a bit high but the service and taste are excellent.

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            I came on here to see if anybody agreed with me on Dominick's being so good. I left my hotel and drove around for nearly an hour until I found something local and not a chain. I ended up in Lawrenceville at Dominick's. The atmosphere was nice. I saw families with well behaved children, women comfortable enough to come alone and no loud drunks at the bar - all good signs for me.

            The menu was large but not overwhelming to the point of confusion. They have a decent wine list with some affordable choices. ( I will say that getting Chianti in a short highball glass on a white tablecloth was a first! I prefer a stemmed glass.) The food tasted fresh and carefully prepared. The waitstaff was not polished pros but they were genuine, good folks who gave good service. I was pleased that my hunch paid off. It is in the heart of the downtown, on the corner. My server said they have another (original) location in Norcross GA. I recommend it.

          2. There's a relatively new one called Pan's Gourmet Restaurant. Mostly Chinese with a small selection of Thai and Malaysian dishes. Went twice so far, both times liked the food a lot. Good size meals and very inexpensive too. Unfortunately they opened in that cursed spot on W Pike St where every business failed so far. So it's usually near empty, but I noticed a lot of people use it for takeout.

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              Thai Diner at Discovery Mills has surprisingly solid sushi and thai food. Supermercado Jalisco for tacos and tortas. Verra Zanno Pizza and Traditions Pizzeria. Of course Super H market is close by as well. Also near super H is What the Pho and for Korean Book Chang Dong.