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Mar 28, 2008 11:31 AM

Christopher's-- Late night

Has anyone done Christopher's late night leftover deal for $10 a person? The BF and I were thinking about going and wanted to get some opinons on this...thx in advance :)

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  1. I did a while back, it's terrific. They serve the daily special until they run out, and then after that it's usually steak with mashed potatoes. Terrific deal either way. I've had service there that was warm and friendly, but the last time I tried to go the bartender was snooty to the point that I haven't felt any desire to go back in over two years.

    1. I actually did this last Friday with my boyfriend for the first time! It was near empty since it was Good Friday. We had our pick of tables, and were promptly presented with a huge bowl of olives. We asked about the leftovers special, and they indeed had it - that night's $32.95 osso bucco for $11.95 (yeah, slight but easily manageable price increase). If you go tonight it'll probably be osso bucco - their daily specials seem to be the same for particular days of the week, and Fridays are osso bucco. We both ordered that and some wine, and were presented with a huge bowl of bread and some fantastic butter, along with our wine.

      The osso bucco appeared shortly after... it was a big portion and very tasty. No sides, though (I wasn't sure if it came with one or not and wasn't super hungry anyhow - the basket of bread was more than enough and was very handy for mopping up the sauce). They did start closing the place down in the middle of our meal even though it was only 10:30 or so because it was so empty, but they came to us for last call and whatnot in case we wanted anything else. Service was prompt and friendly and we'll definitely be back - it's a fantastic deal.

      1. anybody know approximately what time the special starts and ends?

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          I believe it's between 10pm and midnight (closing).

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            10 PM till close on Fridays and Saturdays only. I usually go with friends after catching a movie at Esplanade. Never felt like I've been rushed out the door but it is rarely busy then. It's amazing to me that more people aren't taking advantage of this regularly. It's a fantastic deal.

          2. Sad to report the leftovers special is gone... as well as the wine bar itself. Christopher's has relocated to the other side of the mall complex and now it's connected to a cocktail lounge called Crush, which doesn't serve food.

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              Are you sure about that? I stopped in at Christopher Gross' new place just recently and was told that the entire menu is available to customers seated at the bar, and that customers in the lounge seats can order pizzas from the menu. Also, I wouldn't call Crush a "cocktail lounge." As its name suggests, the emphasis is on wine.

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                Ah, maybe it's just that there's no more late night food - we got there at 10:30pm or so and were told they stopped serving food at 10pm. Hungry brains don't work so well.

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                  From their OpenTable page:


                  Open 7 days a week. Christopher's main dining room 11am-3pm and 5pm to 10pm. Kitchen Bar 11am-10pm. Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 3pm to 6pm in kitchen bar. Restaurant C144 opening soon... CRUSH Lounge open late!

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                I recently had a lovely lunch at the bar. I enjoyed the new surroundings. The food was excellent. I had the mussels with chorizo, yum! As always I save room for dessert, I love their Apple Tarte Tatin.

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                  Hi all

                  The wife and daughter treated me to lunch at Christopher's new spot Sunday for Father's Day. We had a very nice lunch.

                  The duck confit pizza with fig (pic attached) was pretty good and the onion tart was outstanding (ate too quickly no pic available). The truffled frittes were out of this world good (snapped pic quickly as they went fast!).

                  I had a nice glass of zin (served a little too cold for my taste, though on a hot afternoon it was welcome) and my wife a prosecco to round things out ... oh, and cheerios for my 11 month old. :-)

                  My only complaint was that the service was a little too formal and dry ... I could expect that for the evenings, but for a Sunday afternoon, lighten up a little and have some fun - you know?

                  We'll definitely be back there.