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Mar 28, 2008 11:12 AM

casual group dining anywhere in sonoma on a saturday night with no reservations

hi everyone. I'm looking for a suggestion for dining anywhere in sonoma after a walk in jack london state park. Casual, cause we won't be dressed up but not fast food either. Oh, we won't have reservations and we'll be 6 people. Any cuisine will do. It would be nice if we could sit outside too. Thanks for any help.

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  1. I'd suggest you stay in Glen Ellen and try one of their places on for size. The Fig Cafe (Girl and the Fig's sister restaurant) is pretty spectacular, with lots of lovely and unique dishes, with very fresh local ingredients.

    Saffron is very unique and the food and service are very well known to be outstanding
    Check out the menu and see if it sets your mouth watering:

    IMO The Wolfe House is a very casual place with good, simple food. I had a pulled pork sandwich there that I still dream about.

    While on your hike at Jack London, do take the time to go into his original home, where his wife, Charmaine lived until she died. There are a ton of their personal belongings and things they collected from their travels, which is a pretty fascinating look into their lives.