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Mar 28, 2008 11:05 AM

Sole Luna Cafe--Cortez Hill

Heard a number of good things about this Italian Cafe on Cortez Hill (they took over the location that used to be Twiggs)....very impressed. Authentic, light Italian cuisine and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.....I had the homemade lasagna (about $12) with a small house salad ($4) and a glass of Chianti. Very good and I would order it again. Their panini's are real good and come with a choice of salad or chips ( $ 7.95)...very good espresso, wine list, and I plan on trying their tiramisu one of these days....if you're not in the mood for getting dressed up and want a nice, casual Italian meal this place is for you. I also enjoy their nice outdoor patio.

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