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Mar 28, 2008 10:58 AM

What's New and Good in MSP?

So, somehow, I've convinced my college's newspaper editors that it's in their best interest to pay for my meals.

We've worked out a delicious deal wherein I eat a lavish meal, which I can't afford, then write a scrumptiously self-indulgent review and my school picks up the tab (hm, considering that I've now paid this school about $160,000, I guess I'm paying for the meal in a roundabout way). Essentially, the only stipulation is that the restaurants I review must have opened recently - though recent is being used pretty liberally here; I wrote a review of Brasa a couple of weeks ago.

Where should I go, next?

Money's not really a concern, though I might have trouble fitting in with a crowd of stuffed-shirt-stiffs. Actually, this raises another question I've wondered about for a while: I'm originally from Seattle where there is, more or less, no dress code, ever, anywhere - except perhaps for a loose stipulation that the cuff of your jeans mostly obscures your white socks. How does Minnesota compare? Can I wear gold-striped black shoes, levis and a "vintage" sports coat? I suppose the rules of Minnesota nice prohibit anyone from actually saying anything to me about my improper attire, but might my dinner experience be at all affected? Will the waiter, say, fart on my soufflé if my gloves don't match my belt?

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  1. Hi Michael - I think you can wear just about anything in this town. We are awfully casual too and your outfit mentioned above would certainly work! Thinking about your audience here are some places to check out:
    Indio (upscale Mexican that just opened in Uptown this week)
    Saffron - not brand new but still newer and has interesting food and great Happy Hour
    Amazing Thailand - Uptown's newest Thai restaurant
    Jasmine 26 - new more upscale but very hip Vietnamese on Eat Street
    Toast or Sprll the Wine - wine bars downtown both opened in the past couple of years
    Common Roots Cafe - great cafe, very organic and local, free wifi on Lyndale
    Red Stag Supper Club - cool decor in Northeast, apparently good late night on weekends too

    Although Heidi's, Blackbird, Cafe Maude and Cafe Ena have all opened pretty recently, I might bypass those considering your audience as they are a bit "married South Minneapolis".

    Good luck!

    1. Porter & Frye
      The Strip Club

      If Brasa is "new", then go to Heidi's, Blackbird, BANK, Saffron and Fogo de Chao.

      Then say "It's not new but they change their menu with the seasons and I want to report on the new stuff" and go to Heartland, Fugaise, Lucia's, La Belle Vie, Alma, Cosmos, and Spoonriver.

      And dress code in MSP is non-existent.

      1. I'd like to add Otho to the list. I'd love to hear what more people say about this restaurant. It just opened this past fall. 10th and Portland Ave in Minneapolis.

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          I know you know about this thread, veggiesgalore, since you are the last poster, but for other readers, here is a thread about Otho.

        2. Acadia Cafe has reopened at it's new location. Grand opening this weekend, should qualify as new. 329 Cedar Ave. S. Minneapolis

          1. Michael, who is your audience?

            If you're looking for spots that that would appeal to students and their budgets, we'll need to know a bit more. If you get to try anyplace new at all -- and in the cycle of a school year, what is new enough? -- regardless of whether more than a tiny percentage of your audience can actually get there, then knock yourself out with the list that's begun.

            By the way, what's our cut when we do your research for you by identifying a semester's worth of destinations? Martini? Dessert? Byline?

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              yes this info would be helpful-- also which school/campus, & are you looking for student eats, visiting parent eats, ideas for themes: i.e. best veggie options close to the astronomy lecture rooms. . .

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                KTFoley, I assume Michael will be crediting chowhound for his tips as per journalistic courtesy and chowhound etiquette.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Yes, excellent reminder -- you are much more tactful than I.