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Mar 28, 2008 10:49 AM

Non-Asian in or around South Pasadena?

So we just moved to South Pasadena and are really excited about how many good restaurants it has for the size of the city. But since we're now on a budget (accommodations in this city aren't cheap), can you all recommend any budget places in the area for us to try? I'm thinking specifically of El Sereno, Highland Park since Alhambra and Pasadena are so well covered in other posts.

Oh yeah, a friend of ours from Hong Kong is also visiting so I would like to take him someplace great but not too budget busting. And, no Chinese or other Asian for obvious reasons.

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  1. Briganti
    IMO this is one the best itallian places around this area. And the prices are pretty reasonable.

    1. What's the budget you have to work with? $/person ?

      Anyhow, if you drink beer, may want to consider the York gastropub in Highland Park.

      For breakfast/lunch fare, you can try Julienne's in San Marino, Marston's or Green Street Cafe in Pasadena or Mike & Anne's in So. Pasadena or Auntie Ems in Eagle Rock.

      Also, check out the Thursday farmer's market in South Pasadena, asides from fresh fruits you can eat right away, there's usually a few good food vendors (Corn Maiden tamales being my particular favorite.)

      Larkin's in Eagle Rock is also worth a try for contemporary soul food.


      1. Cheap eats in South Pasadena?

        If you like Mexican... I'd go with Senor Fish, and down towards Pasadena the El Taquito Mexicano truck in the Nishikawa lot on Fair Oaks, and in Highland Park, Huarache Azteca.

        All my other cheap eats stuff is Asian food, and even though your friend's from Hong Kong, I think it's still worth checking out.

        1. There's always A Taste of Brazil (4840 Huntington Dr) in El Sereno, I've heard good things about it.

          And does Filipino food count as Asian food, it's more Pacific Islander... Barrio Fiesta in Eagle Rock is extremely greasy but oh so good =d Their beef shine with veggies and sigsig are VERY good and make sure you get the garlic rice, they give you a lot more than the plain white rice for only a lil more. Those plates will run you a lil over $10 each but you could probably feed 3 people with each plate.

          Or just run around El Sereno/Highland Park/Eagle Rock and check out all the taco trucks. One of my favorites is the one on N. Huntington Drive and Maycrest...I think it is. They have really good cow head and the carne asada is a bit crunchy, which I like =d

          1. i know that you said non-asian but i would put shiro on top of the list. they are not your typical asain food that you are thinking and your guest from hong kong should love it!