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Mar 28, 2008 10:18 AM

Cherry Blossom Eats and Tips


Heading down weekend of April 5th to see Cherry Blossoms and son
- will have college sons girlfriend in tow with us (who IS a picky eater - we are not)

We will eat about just about anything

she is a Pizza, chicken ,steak kind of eater...........
so in order to keep the peace and no moping

I am hoping for ideas!!!! from you experienced CH's

Any Cherry Blossom viewing tips welcome as well.........our first time there for CB's

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    1. re: few

      As others have said, parking and driving around the cherry blossom sites is a pain in the A. If you have to drive in, park once and then walk or cab around. The metro will be a nightmare (it sure has been the past few weeks, week days and weekends included). Not sure where you are coming from but if you can leave the car at a suburban metro station and then metro in (it isn't so bad outside of the main tourist areas, but metroing around IN the city is what's crazy) that would relieve the headache of parking and driving around at all. If you don't want to cab around, the metro bus system in the city will take you around very inexpensively, and although most tourists know about and use the metrorail, they don't use the busses. The bus routes & times are on Enjoy your visit. And bring an umbrella.

      1. re: DCDOLL

        There is a free shuttle running from Haine's Point to the Tidal Basin. Parking there is free.
        At any rate, getting back to chow...whether you decide to get a sandwich there, or hit up a restaurant nearby, I highly recommend that you bring snacks and water. It takes a good bit of time getting to and from no matter what you do.

        1. re: DCDOLL

          few, I hope you can see those snapshots. They took forever too load (and then I realized the files may have been too large - sorry!).

          Another important point - Cafe MoZu has a menu that will please even the finickiest palates - I saw one woman eating mini crab cake burgers with fries it is not strict traditional Japanese food. The ambiance is also very comfortable and "hip" - soft relaxing musique/cool jazz while you gaze at the boats passing on the river.

      2. Matchbox in gallery place.

        as for tips, the thread will likely be edited if a bunch are included, but FYI - it's supposed to be rainy here this week, which means they might fall off by next weekend.

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        1. re: Jeserf

          OK - (8-<

          Hope the blossoms stick around though!!!!!

          1. re: few

            I do, too (hopefully til next weekend for me as well!) but just making sure ya know in case they SO all fall off and you can find another way to utilize the time.

            I hope they stick though:)

        2. Matchbox would be my choice, but there will be large crowds likely.

          Keep the numbers for Matchbox, Ellas's Wood Fired Pizzas, and 2 Amy's on hand -- then, when you get hungry, call to see which one you can get in to.

          1. Bistro D'Oc isn't that far off from the Mall or Metro Center. It's a wonderful french bistro which caters to foodies and non-foodies. You can enjoy french onion soup and pate while the gf would enjoy delicious roasted chicken or hanger steak and frites.

            Another more loud and crowded of the genre would be Bistro D' Coin in Dupont Circle.

            Matchbox is good for pizza, as is Pizza Paradisio (in Dupont and Georgetown).

            Other places that have a wide selection on the menu that can please multiples eaters would be Hudson, Central (up-scale Americana comfort food by Michel Richard), Hank's Oyster Bar, Clyde's, and Sette Osteria (pasta and pizza).

            1. Agraria in georgetown has good chicken and probably wont be packed like Palena or Central. I think they have steak too. Charlie Palmer is a good steak chain not too far away.