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Mar 28, 2008 10:18 AM

What kind of egg?

Gourmet is running an interesting story on the varied eggs people eat around the world. I might be an adventurous eater, but even in New York it seems I have very limited access to exotic ova other than hen, duck, fish and quail. What kind of eggs have you tried in your travels?

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  1. I poached pheasant eggs from the Union Square farmers market on Saturday for lunch - wonderful flavor to the yolk.

    1. Whoo hoo!! I had penguin egg when I was in the Falkland Islands. It's legal to eat eggs from one variety of penguins that live there. It was hard-boiled and quite large. My mom was gagging just looking at it, but there wasn't anything particularly strange about it. Looked like an egg, tasted like egg, with a little extra fishy flavor in the yolk. Nothing to freak out about MOM!

      1. Chicken, duck, osterich, quail and of course caviar. Looking at the Gourmet article, I'm now a bit surprised I've never tried a turkey egg.

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          There were turkey eggs for sale last Wednesday at the SM farmers' market. They are large, beige-ey and specked. The vendor said they're his favorite eggs--very rich!

          1. re: mnosyne

            Ive used turkey, duck, goose and even emu eggs from a local farmer who raises emu.

            1. re: Kelli2006

              I once had really good emu ribs.

              What does an emu egg tastelike? And, how in the world do you eat such a large egg??? Did you make an omelette for a small town? :-)

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I used the emu egg to make a soufflé. The egg was very rich with a yolk that was blindingly orange.

                I ate emu once and it had a bit of the gamy taste of wild duck, but it wasn't as fatty. It would be closest to pheasant or maybe wild turkey.

              2. re: Kelli2006

                Approximately how large is an emu egg? Am I right in guessing you only used one for an entire souffle?

                1. re: diablo

                  They are about 3lbs, and that 1 egg was more then enough.

          2. Beside chicken,then there is duck and goose which are great and so rich.... And then quail, which is pretty, but not my thing.

            1. Sea gull eggs poached in a fish stew when I was a kid.. fishy in fishy. Turkey egg omelets and French toast.. just a wee bit chewier than hen's egg. Duck eggs all the time for baking.. they give a great loft to a cake. Yummy little quail eggs in lots of things.. Home grown free-range hens eggs (in browns, tans, and blues) every day.