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Mar 28, 2008 09:45 AM


i've heard this restaurant mentioned on the board a couple of times and i've looked at their menu. has anyone been though and could tell me about it? i love the idea and menu sounds interesting, but is it actually any good?

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  1. It is amazing gourmet vegetarian food. The cocktails cannot be found anywhere else, the green tea cool out is my favorite featuring green tea vodka, lemon and agave. The menu changes seasonally. I like to go in big groups so we can try nearly everything on the menu and everything has been delightful and unexpected thus far.

    1. Yes, it is that good. My favorite vegetarian restaurant.

      1. It is wonderful. It's a wonderful space, with wonderful, creative, interesting food. I think the only drawback was that I didn't feel hip enough to be in the place.

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          I get the feeling that the upstairs with the bar and music is more "hip." I have only eaten downstairs when there was nothing going on upstairs. In any event, I stopped being "hip" in the 60's; I no longer worry about it. I think the only drawback, sometimes, is the neighborhood at night.