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Mar 28, 2008 09:28 AM

Dovetail, (newly renovated) Duane Park or Park Ave Spring?

I'm putting together a dinner for approx. 7-8 people within the next couple of weeks, and I can't decide between Dovetail, Park Ave Spring or the newly renovated Duane Park.

Has anyone been to the new Duane Park? How do they all compare (pricing, food, ambiance)?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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  1. We went to Duane Park Cafe recently (after their renovations) and are going tonight. I posted a review if you want to do a search of this site. I have not been to Dovetail but based on what I have read it is in a different league than Duane Park Cafe. Not familiar with Park Ave Spring.

    1. The menu changeover at Park Avenue SummerFallWinterSpring from winter to spring just took place, so I haven't had a chance to try it. But we were there for the winter menu, and the food we had was excellent. I've looked at the spring menu on the website, and it certainly reads delicious, at least to me, so I'm looking forward to going there again.

      Since the decor changes as well, I have no idea what the spring ambiance is like. I went thinking I might not like the winter decor and found it to be quite appealing, so I feel confident that spring will be equally so.

      As for service, there was recently a thread with some complaints, but we had no problems.

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        We ate dinner tonight (Sunday) at the new Duane Park. The room has been updated (not sure if it is an improvement) and now has chincy (fancy) french black and white wallpaper, a big crystal chandelier, and emerald blue banquetes. We ate shrimp wrapped in katafei (I'm sure I'm not spelling this right, its the middle eastern pastry that is often w/ honey and walnuts) and fried in a passion fruit sauce with a peanut and cucumber salad. We also had a wonderful ricotta and two colored beet salad w/ crushed toasted hazelnuts, greens and aged balsamic. My husband had the salmon (which was salmon. I never order it is restaurants, bc I find I always cook it better than they do and I felt that way tonight). And, I had a short rib appetizer w/ mushrooms in a ravioli. This was surprisingly good and had a wonderful sauce, only I felt the short ribs were a wee bit over cooked.

        I don't know about the other two places you suggested, but we did really enjoy our meal tonight. Bonus: the wine list can be affordable.

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          Thanks to you all for your suggestions!