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Mar 28, 2008 09:24 AM

Where to find Korean spicy chicken and rice cakes ala Kyochon?

My friends took me to Kyochon for the first time this past weekend, and yes I loved the chicken wings. However, I think I loved the spicy chicken and rice cakes even more. After looking through the board, I noticed that someone mentioned that this dish is a pretty common Korean dish.

I was hoping that someone might know the Korean name of the dish. Also, I live in Diamond Bar so it would be great if someone could recommend restaurants in my area that serve something similiar. I'm looking for some additional Korean restaurants that serve this delcious chicken and rice cakes when I'm craving something more than chicken wings (as I heard that the Kyochon in Rowland Heights opened recently).

Also, for those more familiar with Korean there a similiar beef version out there?

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  1. yes it is called dduk bohk gi and can be found at any korean "fast foody" type place, or drinking place. it's actually more often served with either no meat, or with beef, and not chicken. Good times (korean bar) in rowland heights prolly has it.. some places make it not so good so you'll just have to test the waters wherever you go. Homemade is the best.. esp when made with jahp cheh (korean noodle stirfry with beef and veggies). :)

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      I'm going to try Good Times tonight! Thanks for the rec...

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        ttuk bokki (or the way namster spelled it, whatever, it's just transliteration) means pan-fried rice cakes. It usually doesn't have meat, or maybe just a little ground beef/pork for flavor. I recently went to a place that does tak kalbi, a chicken stir fry (nothing like regular kalbi bbq), and there were rice cakes in it. If you liked the Kyochon thing (personally I didn't think their version was very good), I recommend this place: Ma Po BBQ, on Olympic east of Western. See my review above:

      2. Minor disappointment.
        I went to the newly opened Kyochon in Rowland Heights and ordered the 4 piece spicy chicken wings, a side of rice and a side of pickled radishes. It was good in the sense like spicy buffalo wings, but their were no grill marks on them as the pictures shows. I asked the gal behind the counter why didn't I get this chicken (pointing to the picture of the grilled wings) and she said, "only on 16 piece order". Huh? As it turns out that the pictures on their menu do show the 16 wings as the only grilled wings. C'mon how hard is it to throw 4 wings on to their grill. I politely asked them if they could do that and they politely smiled at me and said no. Whatever.
        I went outside with my meal and finished it all, but I guarantee that the wings would have tasted so much better if they grilled them. By the way, the steamed rice came in a styrofoam container and the top layer of the rice was somewhat hard. Not hard-hard but still hard. I still ate it but it made me think that they pre-pack their rice and then nuke it. The daikon pickles were plentiful and pretty good. Oh yes, free soft serve ice cream : )

        Just remember if you go the twice fried chicken with grill marks are only for the 16 pieces. Before I left I mentioned oh so politely that they should offer, as an option, the grilled chicken on all orders and to pass that on to their manager who was not there.