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May 20, 2002 10:16 AM

Are there any other cooking stores besides Surfas and Sur La table in the greater Los Angeles Area?

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Surfas and Sur La Table are the only gourmet food stores that I have found in LA. Does anybody know of any others that have unique oils and sauces along with cooking and baking supplies?

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  1. Check the Zagat Marketplace Guide for ideas. Bristol Farms used to have one adjacent to their South Pas store on Fair Oaks. Depending on what you want, different ethnic markets are a source. Then, there are Whole Foods, Bristol, Trader Joe's, upscale wine places like Wally's, even Cost Plus on occasion.

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      It depends what you mean by cooking stores. Surfa's is excellent, but about 80% of their cooking implements can be found at a restaurant supply store like Star (on Sepulveda in Van Nuys, just north of the Costco). There's no glamor or foodie tourists, but tucked in with the yellow plastic water-glasses and squat napkin-holders are exactly the same zesters and pizza peels and baking pans for 10 or 20% less. They don't carry Global knives, but they do stock an inexpensive line of stock-pots that cost half of the ones at Surfa's (meaning 1/3 of what Sur La Table charges).

      On the other hand, shopping at Surfa's is way more fun, you can test the oils and vinegars (Star sells no food) and there's usually a cooking demo on Saturdays, so....

      1. re: Eliot

        Star is cheaper for many things, but not everything. Star will sell you a remote probe thermometer for $35 that you can get at Target for $17.

        Don't ask me how I know.

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        Parrish's in Gardena has a fabulous supply of all kinds of cake and baking pans. They make the Magic Line pans there, I think, and you can even buy seconds. They also have baking and cake decorating supplies, including the large size paper muffin liners that are hard to find, excellent baking pan spray, etc. The place is a little hard to find but worth searching out. Here is a web site with the address:


      3. I have not been there yet, but I am told that Gourmand is very good, similar to Surfas. They cater primarily to professionals. I understand that they have a minimum purchase threshold and I don't know/remember what it is.

        If you check it out, would love to read your impressions.

        Gourmand 310.839.9222
        3051 S. La Cienega

        1. In terms of supplies like cookware and bakeware, check out Cookin' Stuff on Palos Verdes Blvd in Torrance. Great items to choose from!