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Mar 28, 2008 08:41 AM

Birmingham - Hotdogs? Hot damn!

So I've tried Gus', Pete's Famous, Sneaky Pete's and now Jimmy's on 6th Ave.

Gus' all the way - the .. meaty product on top tasted like a watery finely ground beef with little seasoning. Sauces were ok but bland. The chili slaw dog was much better. I am a fan of a griddled dog.

Pete's Famous all the way. Better than Gus' chili and messy in a delicious way. I can't really describe it. Griddled.

Sneaky Pete's - I think I ordered a two dog combo with fries about a month ago but honestly do not recall much about the food. I guess it was that boring. Yes, terrible review.

Jimmy's - this place always looks closed when I drive by, but I guess because that's in the afternoon. I got one of the all the way dogs which came with mustard, lots of kraut, and I forget what else. best part? The dog was grilled with a little char, which is paramount in a good dog and actually had snap. A friend turned me on to them (and also suggested they serve a deliciously greasy breakfast sandwich) and I can't wait to get back. Also, while not a lot of room, they have a little area to choke down your messy hotdog(s).

Bring on the hotdog comments!

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  1. Gus's--I always get the chili dog (w/o slaw). For my money, I think it is the best chili dog in town. I think it is well seasoned, and if it is not, it certainly is after I add a few dashes of red pepper.

    Pete's Famous--I used to go there frequently until a friend turned me onto Gus's. Their special dog (sort of their equivalent of a chili dog) is how you describe an all the way dog from Gus's (watery and not well seasoned). I think Pete's get by on its reputation, having been there for almost 90 years.

    Sneaky Pete's--The most bland, corporate hot dogs in town. I only go there if I am starving, I am right there next to it, and I really want a hot dog. Even then, I wish I had made the trek to Gus's instead.

    Jimmy's--Never been, but may have to give it a try.

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    1. re: pinotboy

      By all the way, I mean thevspecial at Pete's.

      Gus' all the way was a special or "regular' or something like that. I really should do a side by side comparison with Pete's.

      I understand that Jimmy's has a chili version too. Hmmmm.

      1. re: Dax

        Just to clarify, "all the way" at Pete's means kraut, onions and Pete's Sauce. The "special" adds ground beef (not really "chili") to that.

        1. re: pinotboy

          Then I had the special at Pete's, as it definitely had ground beef. I typically order whatever someone's special is, then just a chili slaw or plain chili with mustard dog for comparison.

          Obviously this process requires further scientific experimentation.

    2. Pete's Famous - Special; My personal favorite of all time. However, I am a chili slaw dog fan but you cannot get slaw at Pete's Famous. When you consider that you must stand to eat your dog at Pete's, he has a very loyal clientele. They are not loyal because he is pleasant. They come back for the dogs!

      Now, I must admit I have not tried Gus'. I will do that very soon. I hear the Gus' in Hueytown makes a better dog that the Gus' in Birmingham. Any truth to that?

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      1. re: LSUJim

        I have never been to the one in Hueytwon, but I do not think there is any affiliation. The phone book lists several Gus's Hot Dogs, but I do not think there is any common ownership. I refer to the one downtown at 1915 4th Avenue North.

        Incidentally, the proprietor of Gus's (George) is much more friendly than the owner of Pete's (ironically named Gus), although his English is not that good.

      2. It's always been Pete's for me; guess I'll have to give Gus' a try.

        1. I'm a fan of Chicago Mike's in Homewood. It's owned by Lou's (of Lou's Pub) brother and staffed by him and his wife. All beef dogs and they have Zapp's. Yummmm. They apparently have great hamburgers as well.

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          1. re: KateMW

            I love Mike and his wife. I haven't been there in a while but there's nothing like a slaw dog, a bag of Cajun Crawtater Zapp's, and a Milo's tea. However, the dogs are steamed/boiled and do not have that snap to it. It's still good though.

            1. re: gyp7318

              The next time y'all are in Mike's, please see if you can get them to start opening on Saturdays. I have never been because I just can't get there during the week. Thanks.

              1. re: pinotboy

                Mike and his wife tried Saturdays about 5 years ago; however, there just simply wasn't enough business for them to do it on an on-going basis. It was a shame b/c it is impossible for me to go since I work out of state during the week.