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Mar 28, 2008 08:36 AM

Girls Lunch in Vienna, VA


Looking for an interesting spot for a casual girls lunch. Someplace where we can catch up, have a drink and hang out for awhile. Any suggestions--we like the unusual spots as well.

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    1. re: anni

      Anni - Bazin's looks great! Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. re: casilady

        Bazin's tends to be noisy. If you're not terribly picky about the food, That's Amore has decent homey style Italian in ample portions, and at lunch there aren't likely to be any large family parties as there sometimes are at dinner. Bar area and dining room are equally nice, and parking is no problem.

        My experience is only with dinners there. Hopefully it's not too different at lunch.

        1. re: casilady

          Bazin's has the nicest and most upscale feel of any restaurant in Vienna, while still being casual which makes it a good spot to hang out. I have been several times with my girlfriends. I think you'd be fine for lunch, just wouldn't suggest it for dinner other than on a Mon - Wed. Otherwise it's too noisy and the service tends to slip.

          1. re: Meg

            Yes, I've had lunch there twice with GF's and it hasn't been noisy at all. Can't say about dinner.

            The food and service is very good as well.

      2. Yama (328 Maple Avenue) is a great sushi place with a nice lunch-time buzz but not the noise level of Bazins. If it matters, your drinks will be limited to sake or beer.

        1. Both of these are right off of Maple: Sweet Ginger in the same shopping strip as That's Amore, on Branch Rd. -- fun sushi. Natta Thai in the Glyndon Shopping Center -- wonderful Thai restaurant with good specials (get the snow pea salad if they have it).

          1. If you are willing to go into Tysons, Da Domenico is a great place for your lunch.

            1. Thanks so much for the ideas! Tyson's is not too far so we may hit a spot there. I like the idea of Bazin's -- sounds like a winner!