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Mar 28, 2008 08:15 AM

Please Don't Tell

Hey everyone. I'm very interested in hitting up Please Don't Tell soon I'm curious to learn what the cost is for drinks. Food too, if you know, but I'm mostly interested in the drinks. Actually, it's less about MY being interested than my friends being interested and my not wanting to go alone.

I also posted about Pegu Club and Death & Co. separately, but it's the same question.


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  1. It's not too bad - if I remember correctly the cocktails are in the $14 - $18 range with one or two super-premium cocktails that are above $20. But out of all the fancy, schmancy cocktail places in Manhattan this is the one where I thought it was really worth it for hyper-evolvo drinking. The Canadian cocktail that has bacon flavor in it really does have bacon flavor, but it's really subtle and actually complements the drink, and the drink with popcorn flavor is good, too. All in all I felt that this was less stunt cocktailing than cocktails that had really been thought out. The food is dirt cheap if I remember correctly. Same price as you'd get next door, basically.

    One other thing, even on a crowded, late Friday or Saturday night it never gets so loud and nutty that you can't hear the people you're sitting with, at least the times I've been.

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      Do you need a reservation? Tomorrow Im going out for a celebratory dinner with my boyfriend who LOVES a good cocktail. It would be great to go by after dinner....

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        You need a reservation and how! I went once at about 6pm on a Tuesday and got in, but any time of the week where other people might conceivably be out and about and you definitely need to make a reservation. Pros: you can only make a reservation on the day of, and the line doesn't open until 3pm (but double check that - I may be wrong about the time). Cons: at exactly 3pm the reservation line is a solid wall of busy signals. To get a reservation on a Friday night recently I had to make 31 redials before I got through. However, get through I did at about 3:20 and was able to get a booth for 4 people for that night. It's a pain, but I did feel like I'd really accomplished something.

        1. re: LES_Crawler

          LOL! great to know, thanks... i my try it tomorrow :)

        2. re: bastet212

          You don't need a reservation to sit at the bar. If it's just the two of you, you'll have a better chance of getting in without a reservation. I had a group of three on a Wednesday evening (around 10pm). We just lingered outside till we saw three people coming out (stroke of luck really) and went in right away. Though I guess it's a different story on a weekend night.

          There are two special dogs on the menu that's been created for PDT. They cost $5 each.

          1. re: bastet212

            They take reservations by phone on the day of, starting around 3pm. They are highly recommended, especially for more than two people.

            If there only two of you, you may be able to walk in and sit at the bar. The bar is always first come, first served. If there's a wait, the hostess will take your name. It's always best to call ahead, whether to make a reservation or inquire as to how long the wait is / if there are open seats at the bar. On a weekend night, it can get very busy after 7pm.

            1. re: kathryn

              i went a couple months ago, on a friday, with reservations @6 for two (we sat @the bar). we were just going for one drink...

              anyhow, when we were ready to leave (630-645?), there was a line waiting in crif to get in. and it was packed.

              1. re: bob gaj

                Really, you had a reservation at the bar? How odd.

                My friend bartends there and it's always been that the bar is first come, first-served and the tables are reservation only. Although if there is a reservation no show or a table available, they are given away to walk-in customers. Did you make a reservation and specifically request to be seated at the bar?

                1. re: kathryn

                  no, we had a reservation, came in, there were a few ppl seated already, and at that point asked if we could sit at the bar. they said yes, i didn't think there was anything wrong with that...i just figured it was a better environment to talk with my friend / see how they mixed the drinks than at a table.

                  1. re: bob gaj

                    Ah, OK, that makes sense now!

                    I actually like sitting at the bar more since you can watch the bartenders in action, and interact with them.

        3. At PDT, most of the cocktails are $12. Food is around $5. My favorite dog is the John John Deragon "bagel" dog. The burger is pretty good too. And order the waffle fries with cheese, it comes with jalapeno peppers! Delicious.

          Recent (winter) menu:

          1. The cocktails are inventive but, in my opinion, overrated.

            As someone already said, the whiskey and bacon cocktail does go together but it's still more of a novelty than an enjoyable cocktail. Between my wife and I, we went through eight of the cocktails on the menu. Only one was a true miss but there weren't any we were really enthused about, either. Personally, I like the drinks more at the Spice Market (BED had good drinks too but they're gone now).

            Also, the hotdog selection is a LOT more limited than you get next door at Crif's.

            Glad I went but it wasn't worth calling the number over and over for 10 minutes for three days to get a reservation.

            1. On my first visit here, I was just thrilled to think I could meld my high/low urges in a combination of tater tots and a great Manhattan. Fun to try that combination---once.

              Many of the bartenders came over from Pegu, so you'll find a similar execution here; Meehan of course has a pretty sharp technique. Several of the drinks are on the sweet side, so read those descriptions/ingredients lists through to the end...

              If you've been to places like Freemans, the taxidermy on the walls etc. will look pretty familiar to you. But it's small, it's comfortable, and it's good to be in class with the Professor cocktail.