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Mar 28, 2008 08:14 AM

Pegu Club

Hey everyone. I'm very interested in hitting up Pegu Club soon I'm curious to learn what the cost is for drinks. Food too, if you know, but I'm mostly interested in the drinks. Actually, it's less about MY being interested than my friends being interested and my not wanting to go alone.

I also posted about Dealth and Company and Please Don't Tell separately, but it's the same question.


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  1. if i remember, drinks were $12 for specialty cocktails at pegu club. frankly, all of these places make good drinks and have the same prices...yr basically just going to one over another due to location...they usually have the same dorks in each place.

    i think pdt had similar prices. milk and honey is the only one that charges $15/ only.

    it's all tired if you ask me. im much happier going to solid bars that dont make a big fuss about being a good bar.

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    1. re: sam1

      I have to disagree. I was there recently and really enjoyed it. The drinks were fairly stellar, strong, and worth 12$. The food was not mindblowing, but was decent enough. I cant remember the prices..... The crowd was fine- fairly average and a little boring. Sure, you can get good cocktails at "solid bar" But i actually did feel like these were special enough to warrant at least one visit.

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        i agree with bastet212 (hello!), Pegu is a bit of a "scene" i guess, but what scene that is, i have no idea. the drinks are good, and unusual, and artfully presented. the room is lively, yet quiet enough for conversation with a group. the food may not be wildly inventive or the best, but it is "elite" bar snacks with nice flavors and good preparations. i think that i've usually spent around $50-65 per person going with a group and having 2-3 rounds of drinks and enough food to be a light meal.

        not a bargain, but seems on par with the cost of going out in NYC.

        i would also recommend Tailor for inventive cocktails and cool bar snacks. we were a bit disappointed in the dining room there, but i think it would be really fun downstairs with just the bar and the limited bar menu.


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          I didn't think that the drinks were that good or artfully presented. Martini glasses were woefully tiny (and servers are a bit prone to spilling what little of your drink there is). Classic combinations were better than they more "creative" drinks, however I did enjoy tinkering with my bad drinks by adding flavorings from the complimentary stopper bottles. Pegu is something to check out as it is a "scene," but I would make it my first stop before moving on to other better cocktail bars, otherwise whatever allure they have is considerably dimmed.

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            pegu is more of a see and be-seen place, as others have mentioned. i would heartily recommend tailor's over here for food/drink, and tailor's even has the hipness factor tossed in.

            1. re: bob gaj

              Although I definitely don't want to present myself as an authority here, those that suggest Pegu is a "be-seen" place, or that the drinks aren't artfully created are just plain wrong. Owner Audrey Sanders is one of the most respected cocktalians in the world, and the bartenders on staff are amongst the most skilled in the city. I think there are legitimate reasons to criticize Pegu, but think some of the previous comments were off base.

          2. re: charlie_b

            lol, hey alekz! what a surprise were both here too :) jk

        2. On off-nights the drinks can be in the top-tier in the city, alongside M&H and Little Branch at quieter times. On weekends or busy nights the quality plummets but the price stays the same.

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            ive had the exact same experience. on saturday nights they let the busboys make the drinks. tuesday or wednesday nights though it can be a very solid place.

          2. Think Pegu Club is a nice enough bar, but you are better off visiting on a non-weekend night (Sun night though Wed.) if you dont want to wait for a table. As as poster stated, I think the ambiance is much more enjoyeable during less crazier times. The drinks can be tasty, but Im of the opinion that the matini glasses are quite small, especially for the price. In addition, Im yet to have anything even profoundly good foodwise. Sorry for those that enjoy the food there. Just not worth the price.

            If you are looking for a good cocktail place, Employees Only is another great place, as well as Little Branch, PDT ( a bit hard to get into because of limited space), and Flatiron Lounge. Employees Only remains my favorite for their quality drinks and ambiance...on the right night.


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            1. re: drod

              I second Little Branch and will emphasize the caveat for EO - only on the right night....

              1. re: nikky

                EO on the wrong night is a nightmare. Smallish area by the bar doesnt really promote standing around, but people do it anyway. Now EO on an Sunday evening or Mon/Tues night is pure pleasure. Now hand me a Pisco Sour and I would dare call it a perfect night.

            2. I don't know why anyone would go if they weren't looking for a high end cocktail, in the way of one of the specialties. The decor isn't anything particularly special, and the asian fusion vibe with the menu, and female staff in kimonos looking wrap dresses just struck me as really cliche California style. The service, and old timey high balls are the attraction here though, and I found their drinks to be well poured...just enough of everything, and the booze off one drink will get you floaty without tasting stiff.

              1. As others have mentioned here, there's a BIG shift between early weeknights and weekends --- Tuesday nights are quiet and the staff is focused, while on Saturday nights the music is too loud, the guests tend to be yappy showoffs, and the staff can be sloppy.

                The signature drinks (like the gin gin mule) are well worth trying, as are some of the seasonal picks, but one of their best choices is the Jimmy Roosevelt, a vintage-recipe Champagne cocktail laced with Chartreuse. (If you don't see it on the menu, just ask.) Hard to find elsewhere---and if you're paying this much for a cocktail, why not go for something unusual rather than a well-executed but otherwise unexceptional dark & stormy?

                On the food menu, the star by far is the "sloppy duck" sandwiches, small brioches loaded with an amazing pulled-duck concoction---a tangy, slightly fruity sauce with the rich meat, a great partner to many of the cocktails.