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Mar 28, 2008 08:09 AM

MSP Bacon Crawl this Saturday

Sorry for the late notice, but some folks on MNSpeak are planning a "bacon crawl" tomorrow, starting with a late lunch @ the Triple Rock. Manny's fabulous bacon appetizer is also on the agenda. Anything else you Chowhounders recommend for spectacular bacon, preferably west of the River?

Here's a link to the Bacon thread on MNSpeak:

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  1. I would say the Spring Street Tavern (thick, peppery, delightful) shouldbe a stop...but they are on the other side of the river. The bacon at Red Stag is also good and also on the wrong side of the river. Ike's, Hell's Kitchen, Zumbro has great bacon. Wish I could make it.

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      Yeah, Zumbro has my favorite bacon in the nearby area. That's what came to mind for me.

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        I don't think they get Internet access from the cardiology unit at Regions. :)

      2. So this endeavor piqued my interest in what could possibly make the bacon at Manny's so special. Last night we went for dinner...and holy crap! Two pieces of bacon, each weighs about a half pound and is an inch thick, skin-on, smokey, salty, hot as hell. You take the first bite and it is HOT, but the fat instantly melts and covers the inside of your mouth and it makes you want to drool and it is so stupidly good. The secret appears to be to eat it as quickly as possible as once it cools off, it turns into jerky. The two of us were able to eat once piece....barely.