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Mar 28, 2008 08:01 AM

thrifty brunch?

i hate to use the word cheap... because i feel like all my posts start with that word, or at least include it in the title.

scenario: girlfriend who is planning a wedding (thus not wanting to spend a lot) and I are getting together for brunch on Sunday. I'd like to try something in the gallery place or foggy bottom area, Farragut area would work as well (she's orange blue line, i'm red). I'm not opposed to going down to eastern market (but doubt i'm willing to stand in line at market lunch).

we're not foodies (well, she's not), we did mr. smith's last time and perfectly enjoyed our brunch.
has anyone had clyde's brunch? or fido?

price wise i'd say under $11 for the typical breakfast entree (eggs/french toast/pancakes etc...).

thanks all!

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  1. I went to Matchbox's brunch awhile back and I'm pretty sure its in your price range. Their stuffed french toast was quite good.

    1. as I wrote in another threat - be prepared for possible crowds in that area this weekend (everyone, just go check out DCist to see all that'll be going on 'cuz I can't keep track!).

      Can you guys meet in Georgetown? There's Leopolds...and I think the Clydes there is more reliable than the one downtown.

      What about Hudson?
      it is somewhat in that price range, somewhat in that area, and removed enough from key tourista spots that it should be chill enough to enjoy time with a girlfriend...