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Mar 28, 2008 07:59 AM

Tampa: near Convention Cntr & more

I've read though a lot of old posts, and it seems that Tampa is my kind of place when it comes to food. I already have Arco Iris and The West Tampa Sandwich Shop high on my list, however, I'll be in town to exhibit at a convention, and will be tired afterwards and would like to find a decent, inexpensive, unpretentious non-chain place in the Convention Center area for dnner.

Other than Cuban food (which I think I have covered), I would really like to find GOOD Trini.

Any ideas?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Chez Bryce on Davis Island
      SideBerns for good Martini
      Actually the Marriott Waterside makes a good martini at the Bar
      I like SOuth Tampa - Mad Dog and Englishmen is another good stand by - Bar only has Beer and wine - but good selections

      1. There's a cute french bistro close to the convention center called L'Eden. Excellent food - husband and wife team - he cooks, she does the front of the house. I've only been a few times and had savory crepes but the other dishes coming out of the kitchen looked fabulous. There are at 500 Tampa Street and I'm attaching a link for their menus. Good Luck.

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            Excuse my ignorance, but can you clarify "good trini"?

            1. re: rikkikm

              The good part or the Trini part? ;-) I meant a good rendition of the amazing food found in Trinidad. There's one "Trini" place her in Baltimore, but I remember reading on some thread, the just flew in one, I think, that Tampa had good "Trini." Also, food from Trinidad is very different from, say, Jamaican, which I think is generally more prevalent in some parts of the US.

              1. re: baltoellen

                Caribbean Connections is a new place (and NOT related to the chain of a similar name) with "Trini" and Guyanan food. A friend had a great shrimp curry there for lunch- I was less fond of the hot pot I got, but only because it's not a cut of meat I normally eat. I plan to go back and try something else. I loved the Sorrel drink. It's new and clean and with a better atmosphere than Tara's Roti shop- although Tara's is supposed to have good trini food too. Both are near USF and subsequently, no where near the Convention center. Guess that's the "& more" part.

                Tara's Roti Shop
                10006 N 30th St, Tampa, FL 33612

                Caribbean Connections Rstrnt
                10509 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

                1. re: rikkikm

                  Thanks. Yes, it is the "& more" part. And, of course, it would be really great if I could find a good Cuban sandwich and a good roti near the convention center.....