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Mar 28, 2008 07:47 AM

Not include egg in baked goods?

My friend is vegan and cooked muffins with all the normal ingredients (switching milk for soy milk) and just left out egg- she did not use any type of substitute. Her muffins turned out great and very moist! Why are eggs included in baked goods and pancakes as it didn't seem to effect her recipe- she did not even include any source of fat! She said that eggs make the baked goods tougher actually.

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  1. Did she include an egg substitute? There are vegan products that mimic the leavening and textural properties of egg in baked goods.

    1. There are WWII/depression era recipes that don't call for eggs or fats. They work fine, but they dry out and become stale tasting faster. The no egg/fat recipes taste great when eaten immediately, or within a couple hours.

      1. Post Punk Kitchen gives a run down on how to omit eggs and the challenges.

        Muffins are actually a good thing to make egg free as there is usually only one in the entire recipe and given their compact size, they seem to add less to structure.

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          That's a great site. I've liked everything I've made from it. Some of the recipes take a lot more time than non-vegan ones, though, eg. brownies.