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Mar 28, 2008 07:38 AM

Juniors Cheesecake Brooklyn a terrible waste of money!

Last night I took my 13 year old God daughter who lives in Brooklyn to dinner at Juniors Cheesecake in Brooklyn. For starters the place is very dated, and on the dirty side. It needs major renovations. Our waitress could not care less about any thing, she took our orders without writing them down and this would be impressive if she did not have to walk back to our table 3 times to ask us about our order because she forgot. Also while we were waiting for our food there was a situation in the kitchen and they I quote "had to call in the big guns" judging from the look on the 4 or 5 wait staff faces who did not want to go into the kitchen (since we were sitting right next to the kitchen) I would guess it was a rodent situation. I am not exactly sure. My God daughter was the only smart one she got the 20oz steak and it was good. I got brisket with potato pancakes it was NOT GOOD. My boyfriend got a BBQ chicken and ribs dinner it had a red disgusting mystery sauce on it that did not taste good, his entree also came with pea soup it was like a paste and it tasted burned. Needless to say neither he or I ate our meals. We also ordered calamari which was okay, and an order of mozzarella sticks that were generic at best like maybe school lunch. Lastly the only two vegetable choices were broccoli and collard greens. Can you say disgusting? The most audacious part of the evening is that after 9pm they add a 15% gratuity to the bill but I guess when you have service like that it's the only way the wait staff would be able to get a tip. On an ending note I think it's ridiculous that they have a woman in the bath room pumping hand soap and giving out towels as the place is anything but classy and the fact that you can look into the unkempt kitchen as you go up the stairs to the bathroom doesn't help your eating expierence. In all this was a huge waste of driving time from Bayside Queens and a painful waste of $111.00.

386 Flatbush Avenue Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. Sorry to hear about your experience, that does sound terrible.

    Thirteen-year-olds should not be eating 20 oz. steaks. That's allotta meat. I hope she took most of that home.

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    1. re: Puppimus

      Actually my boyfriend took the rest home and he actually cut it up for her!!!

    2. Agreed, Junior's is terrible these days. The barbecue used to be really good there, as did the matzoh ball soup. Not anymore. The cheesecake remains pretty good, but the chocolate layer cake, which used to be a light fluffy cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, is a joke now. Thick, syrupy frosting??? No thanks. I'll stick to picking up strawberry cheesecakes at the take out counter.

      1. This reminds me of when my parents took me to Juniors for my 13th birthday. :)

        Besides the embarrassment from the waiters singing "happy birthday" (after we specifically asked them not to), I remember the food being disgusting and overpriced.

        I have long since designated Juniors as one of the worst tourist traps in the city.

        1. I recall an earlier thread on this board. Most of us felt that Junior's not only has sub par food and service, but their "famous" cheesecake is pretty dreadful as well.
          It's a shame you didn't post here before spending that kind of money for such a disappointing experience.
          BTW... I don't think you should feel obligated to explain to anyone here what your god child did or did not eat. We're not the boss of you :-}

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          1. re: Tay

            and for what it's worth...while driving around Maspeth one day, lost, I drove by a giant Junior's warehouse...could it be the "famous brooklyn cheesecake" is actually made in...QUEENS?

            1. re: Widmark

              I wouldn't be a bit surprised. Wherever it's made, it's now so cloyingly sweet that it's basically inedible. Better cheesecake is to be found at pretty much any neighborhood pastry shop/bakery. I'd recc Angelo's on 86th St and 25th Ave in Bensonhurst/Bath beach, Brooklyn. They make a dynamite American (Cream cheese) cheesecake as well as killer Lobster Tail pastries stuffed with french cream... .

          2. The very best cheesecake I've ever had (Brooklyn or elsewhere) was at "The New St. Clair Diner" on Smith and Atlantic. Alas, the owners retired, and the new owners do not seem to have that recipe.....