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May 19, 2002 07:08 PM

Stinking Rose (LA)

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As all chowhounds know, garlic is also referred to as a "stinking rose" in tribute to its benefits. The Stinking Rose makes the most of its garlic connection. There is a sauteed mussel appetizer to die for and a 40 clove chicken dish that will protect you from vampires for at least 40 days. Service is good and prices are reasonable. Give it a try!

There is also a sister restuarant in San Francisco.

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  1. I have never seen a good review of the Stinking Rose since it has been in LA. I am not sure if this post is a review. It kinda comes off as an advertisement. Sorry if I am too cynical.

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    1. re: Marco Polo

      I agree. My friend took me there last year and I felt sick the whole evening. It was horrible. My pasta was lukewarm and the bread pudding was dry, cold, and disgusting. I would not recommend.

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      Stanley Stephan

      There was a recent thread on the SF board this month. See link below. The answer was tourist trap without one vote of approval.


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        Richard Gould-Saltman

        Gotta weigh in with the Hound majority on this one; the S.R.'s novelty is no longer much of a novelty (heck, this is LA; you can get dishes in Thai places a couple of miles from La Cienega served on whole plates of crispy fried garlic. Plus, you don't have to pay for La Cienega Row valet parking, or their rent...) Very few cooks in LA now garlic-shy.


        1. Went there once with my family, didn't like one of the dishes we tried. I would definitely recommend... don't eat there!

          1. One word--disgusting.