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Mar 28, 2008 07:10 AM

Chicago type pizza - Westside

My husband loves Chicago type pizza - anything on the Westside? Delivery?

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  1. You are probably bound for disappointment, but the one place that does deliver and makes a semi-passable Chicago style pizza is Numero Uno Pizzeria in Mar Vista.

    Mar Vista
    3519 S Centinela Bl

    1. I think this is the best you will find around:

      03 N Hollywood Way~Burbank CA 91505
      corner of Hollywood Way & Verdugo
      between Burbank Airport and Warner Bros. Studios
      Phone: 818-563-2800 | Fax: 818-563-2FAX

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      1. re: gado_gado

        The closest place I hear that's passable is Masa in Echo Park. Of course, that's no Westside.

        I will say avoid the Stone Fire Pizza Co. on La Cienega - it was oversauced and way too salty!

        You & your hubby may be better off getting it shipped from Lou Malnati's.


        EDIT: sorry, meant to reply to OP -- clicked on the wrong "reply" button.

        1. re: gado_gado

          I wasn't overly thrilled with the Sicilian Pan at Taste Chicago. Never tried the deep dish. I'm continually amazed they haven't tried selling a stuffed pizza there. It's not like there's much competition for them to make and sell one.

          1. re: nakni

            Taste Chicago pizza is mediocre and actually a disappointment. Masa is not passable in my book. Numero Uno? -- Not -- it is not Chicago style despite the menu's claim. There is no Chicago Pizza on the westside! Try Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock locally for thin crust: And many posts on this board: You will need to drive to find something passable or ship it in from Chicago.

            1. re: chowchi1

              Try Al Gelato on Robertson Blvd. between Wilshire and Olympic. They are from Chicago and will make a delicious pizza to your specifications.

              1. re: Jeryy

                al gelato is great, but not chicago deep dish, but yes they are from chicago.

                there's a joint called Chicago Pasta House that does as close as possible to the real deal but it's a trek in the Moreno Valley, maybe around 20 miles or so from Palm Springs.

                1. re: kevin

                  While Joe's is legitimate New York pizza, you aren't going to find real Chicago on the Westside. Tony's Little Italy in Placentia is as good as you're going to get in the LA region, but it's a hike.

                  1. re: sloanedone

                    Or you could eat it at my home when next I make it hahaha . . . seriously, I will try Tony's Little Italy, but I have never seen Chicago-style pizza in a Southern California restaurant. Supposedly BJ's does but what I saw was not that . . . Numero Uno pizza is supposed to have Chicago style pizza, so I ordered some from the one near USC (I think it's closed) but it was just thick crust. Try making it at home. Use lots of dough, cheese first, toppings, then sauce . . . My dad is from Chicago.

                    1. re: apple7blue

                      If you will take the time to read here on CH, the subject has been extensively covered. While few and far between there are at least a half dozen places that have very good or better deep-dish or stuffed crust "Chicago-style" pizza. That being said, they are none that I know of in the trendy-type areas.

                      Among the ones worth trying:
                      My top 2:
                      Tony's Little Italy in Placentia
                      Chicago Pasta House in Moreno Valley ()also home to the 2nd Portillo's just opened)

                      Banducci's in Lakewood
                      Romano' (3 locations) in Riverside
                      Joe n Tony's in Lake Elsinore
                      Zelo in Arcadia (kind of a CA twist on the concept)
                      Masa in Echo Park (ex-Gino's East but very mixed reviews)
                      Sal's Bit of Italy in Anaheim

                      Also just opened is a SoCal outlet of Rosati's in Corona.

                      As for making it yourself, it is really not that hard. Good quality ingredients and getting the sauce right are keys, but in all honesty, a good deep dish pizza is easier to make than a good thin crust...less heat required and a good crust is more forgiving.

                      I did read your review of Casa Bianca and was mildly amused by it. I would suggest you give it one more try and give it a fair shake by dining in the restaurant. It is very rare to have a good take-out pizza in my opinion.

                      1. re: RSMBob

                        I will try Tony's Little Italy in Placentia since you also mentioned that. Moreno Valley is pretty far when I can just make it myself. I do not know about the heat science of baking a Chicago style pizza, but it is one of those things with practice you will get right. I wondered if it was worth ordering from Chicago as some people in this thread have mentioned and then baking it at home.

                        I have good take out pizza often enough. Also, what is the difference? I mean I literally saw Ned bring out the food as soon as it was ready, I took it across the street to my car and ate it. Do you think that restaurants do not make as good food for their togo customers? If so, should I eat in at Tony's Little Italy? I am glad you got some amusement out of it. I might not be the wittiest writer, but I think I was straightforward with my review in regards to results and criteria.

                        Also, I am curious as to what lizziee herself has decided, has she tried any of the suggestions. I have heard of Masa in Echo Park in previous threads of Chowhounds, I meant to go there also.

                        1. re: apple7blue

                          Most people don't eat their take out pizza in their car, parked right across the street from where they bought it. Usually there is a car ride involved. If it's being delivered, most likely you are not the first on their route and the pizza ends up sitting in the box for a good 15 minutes before it reaches your mouth...and by then the crust is not what it was. RSMBob was not implying that restaurants make their food to go orders differently than dine in ones. Now that amused me. I really don't see that he was attacking your writing abilities.

                          BTW, I am from Chicago and feel that ordering from Lou Mal's and having it shipped is a good idea. A pricey one, but still grood. Why? The sauce and sausage is dead on. Of course the crust will not be the same as if you were there and eating it. I always have friends pick me up some when they come to visit. The frozen ones they sell at their restaraunts are only like $8.

                          1. re: Dlish

                            Well, regardless of most people, that's what I did. I usually do that at Damiano's or Berri's, I can listen to my radio. I always figure that I judge food on its own merits and not the environs. I see what you are saying, but I have ordered pizza that was good when delivered to me. There is also food that tastes really good but suffers after time. For me one good factor in judging a pizza especially is how it tastes cold the next morning, a good day are on Saturdays while watching cartoons haha. . .

                            I didn't think he was attacking my writing abilities. I actually thought he was praising me.

                            So you have done it and it tastes good, then? I have only eaten Chicago style pizza made at home. I would be terrible disappointed to have my first from Chicago pizza not be good. Otherwise, I will wait until I go there . . . I have not eaten very much frozen food that tasted good in America. In England, they do it much better . . .

                            1. re: apple7blue

                              If you have only eaten stuff you made at home, then you MUST wait until you actually go to Chicago to have your first taste of real Chicago pizza. And make sure you dine in... ; )

                              I also have little tips and tricks for making the frozen one if you ever order from there.

                              1. re: apple7blue

                                I believe pizza in general suffers greatly once it gets int othe cardboard box...that's why I say eat in the restaurant. For what it's worth, because of the structure of the pizza, deep/stuffed actually hold up better taken out than thin crust does in my opinion.

                                I think the places I listed above will give you a very good idea of what you can get in Chicago. I think Casa Bianca is a pretty good example of a "Chicago-style" thin crust and it's worth a 2nd try. I'm not a mushroom guy so I will pass on the canned/fresh mushroom ex-Chicagoans just order a sausage pizza, although I hear raves about CB's eggplant topping.

                                Good thin crust pizza typically requires a VERY hot oven, hotter than most home ovens go. Deep/stuffed can bake at 400-500.

                                Go to Tony's or Banducci's...they aren't that far. I'm interested in your report back on it. FYI, Banducci's has very limited seating.

                        2. re: apple7blue

                          Tony's is no Lou Malnati's but then neither are the vast majority of places in Chicagoland. I would say it compares favourably with the "average" deep-dish pizza in Chicago, and with Lou Malnati's frozen-and-shipped version, but not with dine-in Lou Malnati's (or Uno or Due).

                          I suggest you try it. It's pretty tasty, and you can watch the Cubbies fail to win the World Series for the 100th year in a row while you wait for the pizza to bake. I take it out and drive it back home (which is in central Anaheim) and it manages to stay just fine through the 20-25 minute drive, still piping hot when I get it home.

                          1. re: Das Ubergeek

                            Chicago style pizza is like that heh . . . I forgot about it, I went to Bonello's today, I should have gone today when I was in OC.

            2. Isn't there a BJ's in Westwood with Chicago-style pies?

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              1. re: J.L.

                Very, very poor rendition of Chicago style IMHO. Better off at Domino's.

                1. re: J.L.

                  BJ's in not Chicago Style deep-dish, it is actually just pan-pizza. But I think its pretty good, is there really one if Westwood?

                  1. re: ElJeffe

                    They claim that they are Chicago style though which is what disappointed me . . . I know from television that Numero Uno actually has deep dish in Chicago, and was one of the first to sell that style of pizza, but from what I have found here they just have pan pizza also . . . which is the same as from pizza hut, if that satisfies lizziee then she could just get here delivery that way, heh . . . in no way should this be construed as me recommending pizza hut . . .

                    1. re: apple7blue

                      No, Numero Uno has little to do with Chicago. Pizzeria Uno claims to be the original in Chicago (founded by Ike Sewell) and it still exists along with its nearby sister restaurant, Pizzeria Due. They specialize in deep dish (not stuffed crust like Giordano's). Uno's has spun off a franchise concept now called Uno's Chicago Grill which has acceptable pizza but nowhere near as good as the 2 originals. Numero Uno is a completely different chain/concept...I ate at one about 10 years ago and have not been back.

                      Also, BJ's (and it's cousin, Selma's in RSM) are fine decent restaurants with good food and decent pizza for what it is, but it is NOT indicative of what you get in Chicago or at the places listed above.

                      1. re: RSMBob

                        Well they probably try to purposefully try to benefit off the name . . . They have a deep dish pizza, it's not Chicago style, if you like bread you might like it. I do not think people get the concept of Chicago pizza unless they had it.

                  2. re: J.L.

                    I would not eat at BJ's for anything but the Pizookie (sp?). Although, with Diddy Reese across the street, why even do that? I was favorably surprised by Dino's in Burbank. I have never had "Chicago" deep-dish, but they had a deep dish pizza that I thought was very tasty.

                  3. Nothing local but try Chicago Pasta House in Moreno Valley. It's a 72 mile drive for me (from West side) but worth it. I felt like I was at Nancy's in Chicago. I buy 3 and freeze a couple. With gas as expensive as it is now it's probably worth ordering next day from Chicago (Lou's, Giordanno, or Nancy's)

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                    1. re: lanetechie

                      Has anybody tried Fresh Brothers Pizza in Manhattan Beach? It's on Sepulveda, between Manhattan Beach Blvd. and Rosecrans. The place is in a bad location behind the Rubio's fish taco place. I was with somebody and took a quick peek at their literature and the pizza place says they're from Chicago and somebody in the family started some pizza joint in Chicago. I was inclined to try, but the person driving wanted Rubios, so I let it go. I'm never around there to get lunch/dinner so perhaps one of these days... Just wondering if anyone has eaten their pizza. Didn't seem to be any customers at the time either.

                      1. re: Feed_me

                        I'm still wondering if their Chicago flat pizza is worth the drive.

                        1. re: Feed_me

                          Fresh Brohers Pizza just opened a new location in Marina Del Rey and has another location in Redondo Beach.

                      2. The original comment has been removed