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Mar 28, 2008 06:36 AM

Mama's/Leo's -Pizza Rustica

Stopped by last week for a hero and wound up also having a big slice of their pizza rustica (in addition to the hero). Best described as a cheese and ham pie traditional for Easter. Incredible! Can anyone elaborate on this tradition? I saw articles in the News and Times last week. Am I doomed to wait an entire year for it? Also has anyone had Mama's/Leo's Latticini hot heros recently? I'm never there on a weekday so I'm dying to try the pork, chicken parm and meatball heros. Are they worth taking a week of vacation for?

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  1. Gutter,

    When I lived in FH, I visited Leo's on a weekly basis. Man do I miss that pizza rustica. But it's not around all year. I once posted a similar thread (two or three easters ago) and a poster by the name of John K told me about some places in Whitestone that had pizza rustica well in advance of easter. It may have been Cherry Valley Deli--I can't remember. As for the sandwiches--I shared the same thoughts--trying to work out vacation days just to finally try one of the other heros. I only had the meatball hero--it was great. I've heard the pork is the best.

    1. I was there easter weekend as well. While I wasn't too crazy about the Pizza Rustica I did really enjoy the Basket Cheese. One of the owners gave us a sample with salt and pepper sprinkled on it. Very tasty.

      As far as the hot heros go I've only had the roast pork(Thursdays) and the eggplant (Fridays). The roast pork is just a great sandwich certainly worth a sick day. The eggplant was good too. Just a bit messy but hell, that's worth a sick day as well.

      According to this site Mikes on Arthur Avenues has the pizza rustica all year round. I've only seen at Mama's around easter.

      1. I've had the roast pork and also the turkey. Both excellent. Now this has me thinking...gotta head north with my mom in tow to see my niece's high school play tonight. Maybe we need to pick up some heroes along the way for a quick snack before the show...Sorry I missed the pizza rustica.