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Mar 28, 2008 06:35 AM

Anniversary dinner - feeling uninspired

Hello. My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend and are suffering a severe lack of imagination when it comes to our dinner plans. So, what's a nice, romantic place for dinner that will allow us to make a 9:45 movie? Any suggestions? I'm pregnant and don't have much of a taste for meat or fish, and our movie is at the Alamo Ritz, if those parameters help with potential suggestions.

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  1. Hmmm - my wife had the "no meat or fish" thing with her first pregnancy. I was going to say Chez Nous, because then you could just park the car once, but I'd assume that most entrees are meat or fish based.

    If you can walk the five or so blocks, how about La Traviata? They have some (primarily) non meat dishes, ravioli, etc. I've always wanted to try their carbonara, but have always opted for the confit or a special. Here's the menu for reference:

    and they take reservations!

    I'd say it would be a nice evening if you parked the car before dinner, and then walked to the restaurant, the movie, and then back to the car (holding hands, of course).

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      Actually Chez Nous off 6th street was my wife and I anniversary hangout for years but I still think European Bistro would be a good romantic place.

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        Very nice, thank you! I will float the La Traviata option to the hubbo, although I see a lot of cream on that menu and I'm also lactose intolerant! (Awesome, right? But that's why god made Lactaid.)

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          Hmmmm.... very interesting looking! WIll run this one past the hubbo, although it's sort of the opposite direction as we'll be spending the rest of the evening.

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            I believe scrumptiouschef recently posted an unfavorable review of their food:


        2. Parkside is on my list to try - small menu, but with some vegetarian options, and I think it is on the same block - even though the whole walking and holding hands thing sounds nice...

          1. Just as a follow-up: we were both really tired and so decided to bag the 9:45 movie. Since we weren't going downtown, we decided to stay on our end of town for dinner. Tried Pappadeaux (hubbo loves it), but couldn't find parking. Tried Houston's (hubbo loves the French dip there), but were frightened off by the huge crowd waiting for tables outside. Ended up at Suzi's on Anderson, which was romantic enough, I guess (we were surrounded by babies, but that doesn't bother us; it was more the gruff waitress who plonked plates and glasses on the table quite rudely).

            I didn't find the food particularly exceptional: the calamari was rubbery, and the Americanized Chinese dishes were just meh. Went to Mandola's for gelato (Green apple is definitely worth the $3 for a small!) and walked around the Triangle. I don't think we held hands very much. I was out cold in bed before Saturday Night Live. Ah, l'amour....

            Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm definitely looking forward to trying the places y'all have recommended here!

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              Good god - ending up at Suzi's sounds like my worst nightmare. At least you enjoyed your gelato - SNL wasn't that great, plus it was a rerun!