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Mar 28, 2008 06:21 AM

Bhan mi Tampa Bay. Where to find.

I pick up my bhan mi at a vietnamese cafe/ grocery just east of the southeast corner of Dale Mabry and Waters in Tampa. Any others you know of in the Tampa Bay area?

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  1. My post from Aug 06. "I had a great Banh Mi sandwich at Thuy Cafe: 5944 34th St. N. Suite #37, St. Petersburg, FL 33714. Very fresh and the price seemed reasonable, $4.50 for it and a bottle of water. She closes at 6pm most days."

    Not sure of the current status of the place since I don't work in Pinellas anymore.

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      Went back to Thuy cafe this weekend. Delicious! Choices include a traditional, cold cut sandwich, or with grilled pork, chicken or even tofu- fresh and inexpensive at $3.50 each. I bought two sandwiches with the intent to share one- that didn't happen. It's cash only and I believe closed on Wednesdays; open till 6 the other days. There is also a variety of boba teas.

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        Thanks for reporting on this. I was concerned that there might be only one type of sandwich, the classic "banh mi" with the pate. I will likely try to get over there in the next few weeks.