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Mar 28, 2008 05:41 AM

Cold Stone Ghiradhelli Ice Cream

Ok folks, I know everyone seems to hate Cold Stone with a passion, but if you are a dark chocolate fan, may I suggest that you check out the Ghiradelli ice cream they have there. Had it last night on a whim and it was delightful--not too sweet, very dark chocolate ice cream that had a very deep flavor without being "rich" in the way that you can not stand more than 2 bites. Absolutely wonderful. (Peanut butter cups help too)

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    1. re: sheila

      I think okello posted the key to a good experience at Cold Stone..don't get too many add-ins. Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream sounds great.

      I don't hate CS either, and would go there if no other alternatives were I know what to order next time!

      1. re: sheila

        Me either. I wish they, and not Marble Slab, were opening left and right in Canada.

      2. Maybe I will try I LOVE Cold Stone (so sue me) but I am not too much into dark chocolate...maybe this will change my mind

        1. Not a hater of Cold Stone either and love dark chocolate (though can overdose easily). Must try sometime. I've never had more than 2 mix-ins on my ice-cream from CS, so maybe that's why I've had relatively good experiences.

          1. The Phoenix area Cold Stones have had the Ghiradelli choc. ice cream for the last couple of months (this is where they are headquartered, which may be why we got it early). It is better than their regular chocolate ice cream. It's creamier, and has more chocolate flavor. That said, however, I would not call it a "dark chocolate" ice cream. Just "more chocolaty" than their regular chocolate.

            1. Oooh this sounds fantastic! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)