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Mar 28, 2008 05:21 AM

Favorite Betty Ann Donuts?

Read so many good things about this place from many of you. Going there tomorrow - what donuts are so irresistible? Thanks!

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  1. They only have a few selections. I've only been once(2 weeks ago after reading for months on CH how good they were I couldn't stand it and had to go). They had jelly, jelly crullers, lemon filled crullers, plain and sugared. I got a jelly and what was suppose to be a lemon filled cruller but turned out to be a jelly cruller when I ate it later. I don't usually like jelly because theyre too sweet, but the jelly was really good. Not overly sweet. I tried it because CHers had also described it that way. They also had 3-4 other things like lemon squares. You won't be disappointed. I can't believe how many times I've driven by there and not noticed it. It's easy to miss. The lettering is on the windows and it's a very small shop abutting a residential building. Enjoy!

    1. Lucky you! My favorites are the jelly donut, the lemon filled (stick shape but raised dough) and the sugar donut. I'm not such a big fan of the plain cake donut or the jelly stick. Wear old clothes, since the smell of cooking grease is strong. Years ago an article in the Phoenix said that they also make baked beans on Saturday. I've never been there at the right time, but I have wanted to try theirs. Let us know what you think.

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        Went this AM. Mr. Taxi loved the plain one 'cause it was crispy. I had the jelly which was ball-shaped!! It was fine - little too much sugar on the outside for me. Lemon square was good as I love lots of pastry on the outside. Can't beat the price! How do they maintain the 40cent thing with the price of flour sky-high???
        Immediately, went to gym and worked out for 1 hour!!
        They also had just brought out frosted-covered brownies which looked yum.

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          I must have been there seconds before you. I got the last lemon cruller and as they were putting a few cupcakes(also only .45 each) in a box for me, those frosted brownies were put in the front case. It's such a find...REAL donuts!

      2. what time does betty ann's open? I tried calling but they must be closed and no answering machine. Thanks.

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          According to their business card they are open mornings only and are closed on Mondays. I believe they are open at 7 a.m.

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            The posted hours are 7-10 am Tuesday through Sunday.

            Once I got there around 7 on a Saturday, and some but not all of the donuts were ready. I (and other devotees) waited for the ones we wanted to be completed.