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Mar 28, 2008 04:40 AM

Medjool Dates

Where can I find Medjool dates in the Boston area? I previously purchased them at the fruit and vegetable store on Salem St. in the North End. I believe they have recently gone out of business. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I know that Russo's usually has them. Most of the Whole Foods in the area will carry them as well.

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      Trader Joe's and Market Basket carry them too. The batch I got at MB last week was particularly moist and sweet and as always, the price was right.

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        Are we talking whole with pits still in? - cuz they are not nearly as good if they have been previously pitted.

      2. Tabrizi Bakery. 56A Mt. Auburn Street Watertown, 926-0880
        On Mount Auburn very near Watertown square within a block of Demos. Iranian bakery with very unique cookies: chickpea flour, walnut macaroon, rosewater poppy seed Specialty IceCreams !! Also try the little white dried figs and the dried mulberries (not as interesting.)

        Sevan Bakery, 599 Mt. Auburn St. Watertown,
        Oils, Olives, Cheese

        Massis Bakery , 569 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, 617- 924-0537
        Oils, Olives, Cheese

        All three have them

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        1. re: Peter B Wolf

          I saw nice looking ones for $6.99/lb today at Massis. I didn't notice at Sevan or Arax.

        2. Even Costco has them.. We got them there yesterday.

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            I was very please at how good the ones from Costco were. What a great buy!

          2. I got the organic ones at Russos , this week , realy good

            1. Ramon at the Syrian Grocery in the So.End imports many food products for area restos and shops. If you want Persian pistachios, that's where you go! I wasnt looking for medjool dates last visit, but this grocery usually has them.

              Great review of the Syrian Grocery, here:

              Syrian Grocery Importing Co
              270 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA