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Mar 27, 2008 11:43 PM


yeah, I mean really what is yours? Even though I eat only spanish things, I like a nice juicy steak.

I am gonna have to go with NEW YORK CUT. HAHA

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  1. 2" thick prime rib chop . Grill over high charcoal heat for about two minutes a side , then throw soaked hickory chips on coals and move steaks off to side for indirect heat . Cover , and let cook for about ten minutes or so . Mmmm , tastes like bacon , only steakier .

    1. Top sirloin. Thick cut. My own steak seasoning. Grilled medium. Sauteed mushrooms, frites and a nice glass of red.


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      1. re: Davwud

        ribeye is the way to go...

        i would also throw in hanger steak for its quality relative to the price..

        1. re: cdog

          Love RE's but find the TS to be tastier with a slightly less price.

          Never had a hanger steak but have heard great things.

          Tri tip is great for thin sliced applications.


      2. Thick, fatty T-bone grilled rare when I'm in the money; grilled med-rare flank steak, cut across the grain, when I'm not.

        1. mmm.. Ribeye on the bone served rare.

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          1. Porterhouse, served with the bone, sliced. Saveur Magazine had a fabulous prep for it in their steak issue last summer. Just like at Lugers!