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Mar 27, 2008 11:14 PM

Short weekend in LI

Taking a very short weekend trip out to Oyster Bay from Manhattan this weekend. Looking to fellow CHers to steer me in the direction of a place for a delicious dinner. I'd like to have a nice bottle of wine and unwind with my boyfriend. We're looking to spend about $150 total and we're VERY flex about the cuisine, although we're both a little played out on the Italian these days.

Also, just wondering if anyone has a favorite vineyard out there and can give some reccomendations on that front as well.


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  1. The majority of vineyards are out on the north fork of LI. Pindar and Martha Clara have free tastings, many of the others charge for tastes. A good restaurant out there is the Cooperage Inn. If you want to go a little more pricey, Jeddidiah *Hawkins" Inn is supposed to be very nice These two restaurants are quite a distance from Oyster Bay, and you may want to eat more locally. Cool Fish in Syosset is very good.

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      we liked jedediahs but the lake house in bay shore was even better.

    2. I second Fred's recommendation of Coolfish. One of my favorites. If you want to stay up in the village of Oyster Bay, you may want to try Fiddleheads, which is similar. Although you have to come very close to Coolfish when you come back to the expressway, assuming you are driving. I also agree that you are nowhere near the vineyards. They are about 75 miles further out. Coolfish is eclectic Asian inspired cuisine, more or less, if I had to classify it. I am sure you will enjoy your meal, and it will be within your budget.

      1. there isn't really a vineyard in the OB area...I know there is one in Brookville, can't recall the name of it, it's on Chicken Valley Road or thereabouts, right near Youngs Farm and Brookville CC. I don't think it does tours/tastings like the ones out east. I could be wrong.

        as far as food in OB proper....Fiddleheads is excellent, predominantly seafood, and Wild Honey is very good as well.

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          I think you are probably talking about Banfi, but I don't think they do tours either.

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              I was about to post a similar thread--I'm going to be in Oyster Bay on Saturday night and I'm looking for comfortable, moderately priced restaurant. What are Wild Honey's prices like?

              1. re: abu applesauce

                first course, $8-$14, entrees $16-$25. Haven't been, but menu sound good. I would say that Fiddleheads is more or less in that ballpark. Entrees slightly higher top end. I have been there and enjoy it very much. Both are in the Oyster Bay itself.

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                  Thanks--my wife is not a fan of seafood, so Fiddleheads is out.

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            we actually enjoyed fiddlehaeds a bit more than coolfish and it's right in oyster bay.a friend of mine was chef there for a while.if you have the time,pindar winery out east is among the best local places.we like their ice wine a lot.