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Mar 27, 2008 10:44 PM


I'm entertaining a friend from SF for the weekend and need some great restaurant suggestions - impressive food, atmosphere, the whole package....

Preferred cuisines: Sushi, Seafood, Thai, Indian, general Cal Cuisine

Here's our general itinerary as far as general location:

The Getty Museum on Sat. morning - then on to tour Venice and Santa Monica/3rd Street.

Sunday we may hit the LA Farmers Market and perhaps Griffith Park.

The rest of the time (Friday and Monday), we'll likely explore the South Bay/Orange County since I live in Seal Beach.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Mozza Pizzeria, La Terza or Tanzore before or after visiting the new BCAM at LACMA.

    1. For the Sunday Farmers Market I assume you mean the Hollywood one? There are other smaller ones about town on Sunday as well, but Hollywood is by far the best, one of THE best in LA. On that day after the market you could head up to Griffith Park, I rec going to Fern Dell and if you are fit and willing taking the hike up from there to the observatory. There is a cute outdoor cafe there as well called "The Trails" (on Fern Dell Drive). After you Griffith Park exploration you could go back to Hollywood for Thai, I like Ruen Pair and Jitlada. Sounds like a long day though!

      Getty is great for guests (they also have good food). Maybe to much exploring for that day, but If you want to do the tourist thing at the beach I would take guests either to walk Venice Boardwalk or the Canals, 3rd street IMO is not to interesting nor much good food there..

      On the days you explore South Bay you can hit up Artesia for Indian, I recently went to Tirupathi Bhimas for Southern Indian and give a big thumbs up.
      You can also go to Little Saigon for Vietnamese, check board..

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        Agree - we went to Tirupatha Bhimas last weekend, and it was great. We had the non-spicy thali. Plus you can enjoy strolling along Pioneer Blvd and shopping in the shops - there are sari shops and places with great home decor things and jewelry. There's a great ice-cream shop downstairs from Tirupatha Bhimas called Saffron.

        I also agree with LaLa Eat about the 3rd Street Promenade. It used to be fun, but I think it's gone downhill ever since Midnight Books was booted out. The restaurants are mostly touristy - a couple notable exceptions are La Serenata and Border Grill on 4th, but they're not worth making a whole trip for. I'd explore Venice Boardwalk or maybe Abbot Kinney instead - we like Joe's and Primitivo for eats, and its fund to explore the shops.

      2. In Santa Monica, try Musha. Or stop along Sawtelle at Hide, Kiriko.

        Near the east side, hit up Jitlada for Thai on Sunday.

        Maybe try Joe's in Venice Saturday night.

        Great seafood at Providence.

        Instead of Indian, I might do Ethiopian on Fairfax, but hey, that's just me.

        Happy entertaining!

        1. YES YES YES.... on Sunday...HIT THE HOLYWOOD FARMERS MARKET ON IVER ST..but get there early as it ends on the dot 1pm...then for really swell at LA PARRILLA..1300 WILSHIRE BLVD...VERY GOOD PRICE TOO...213 353-4930...

          1. Right in your neck of the woods you have Restaurant Koi on PCH and Beachwood BBQ on Main.