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Mar 27, 2008 10:09 PM

Kosher for Pesach Baked Goods in NY

We will be visiting family for Pesach in NY (Long Island) and have offered to put in a baked goods order to a bakery. Since we are from out of town and have no idea where to start, we would greatly appreciate any suggestions with contact information for bakeries that will be kashering for Pesach. I understand that there are great bakeries in Brooklyn and don't mind driving in for a good kosher l'pesach cake... If it is non-gebrokts - even better! Thanks for hepling us out with this and chag sameach!

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  1. I think that Shick's Bakery on 16th Avenue (around 46th St.?) in Boro Park, Brooklyn has one of the tastiest and nicest selections of Passover cakes and cookies.

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      I agree.At least some is non gebrokts. All may,I'm not sure.

    2. The best will be from My favorite food. I would think some will be non-gebrockts, but check.

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          Is this a place with rabbinical supervision for Passover? If so, which?