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Mar 27, 2008 09:49 PM

What's New that We Can't Miss?

I visit New Orleans every Fest plus one or two times more per year. During each visit, I like to have a nice dinner at an old favorite or two, and also try at least one new place. Or someplace old that's doing something new, or has a new menu or chef. I tried Luke last visit; now I'm in search of ideas for new places for this Fest visit. So far MiLa's leading the list, but what others am I missing?

If it helps, "new" to me is within the past 12-18 months (there have been a lot of openings these past few years so I might have fallen a bit behind!). Also, "nice dinner" could, but doesn't have to, be ultra swanky or expensive (MiLA notwithstanding). But not a dive -- I've got those covered on the off-nights. I'm in search of very good food, pleasant service and decent atmosphere. Any type of cuisine -- from down home to wildly inventive -- anywhere in the city, including off the beaten track or (gasp!) Metarie. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Iris? I hear good things but haven't been. Also hearing good things from Arabesque, but haven't been there either.

    1. Have you been to Couchon?

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          Don't know about Arabesque. Any details or reviews? Middle Eastern food, I assume? I've actually not been to Iris yet so maybe now's the time, thanks for the reminder.

          We went to Cochon when it first opened, about 2 weeks after. It was still rough around the edges; better the 2nd time. I thought Luke was quite good food-wise; minor service issues as reported on the boards (nothing unforgiveable - just quibbles). We were there at lunch.

          Thanks hounds.

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            Congrats on only minor service issues at Luke. Though the food is good, we had serious service issues in Sept and Dec, lasting for several hours each.

            I am in your same predicament about a great new place to try at FQ Fest time. I'm thinking that Patois may be a good contender. Thoughts by anybody?

        2. Bistro Daisy on Magazine - It's french bistro-ish. Great boutique atmosphere, good service, great food! Small, but quaint.

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            Bistro Daisy was my first thought, too.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              If he'd been to La Petite Grocery before Bistro Daisy guy left, it might not be that new to him/her. There's also Patois and Grand Isle, and again, I haven't been to either of those. I've been wanting to get to Il Posto, as well. I think they're mostly a lunch place though. I think they close at 8pm.

          2. Maybe Vizard's on Magazine?

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              Any changes with Vizard's other than the location?